AMA Announces 2011 Flat Track Numbers

February 18, 2011
Courtesy of AMA Pro Racing

AMA Flat Track

AMA Pro Racing has released the Expert Grand National Number list for 2011. The highly anticipated list features new numbers for twelve riders. The most obvious change has defending Grand National Champion Jake Johnson exchanging his #5 for the coveted #1 when the AMA Pro Grand National season gets underway March 11th at the Daytona Flat Track.

After a few years of splitting the #1 between the Twins and Singles classes, this year’s plate will only be worn by one rider: the Grand National Champion. Singles Champion Henry Wiles will revert back to his longtime-held #17, while former Twins Champion Jared Mees will bring back the revered #9, the longtime number of Jay Springsteen and Gary Nixon.

Former AMA Pro Racing Pro Singles Champions Brad Baker and Jeffery Carver will be moving to the Expert ranks and will sport new National Numbers of their own. Carver was presented the #23 at last year’s awards banquet by Kevin Atherton, and Brad Baker and his brother Scott will be #12 and #11, respectively.

Another brother combo has Merle Scherb moving from the #95 to #78, his dad’s number from 2000 through 2002. Merle’s twin brothers, Logan and Lucas, will also be carrying National Numbers. Logan retains the #18, while Lucas earned the #22 for this year.

The 2011 AMA Pro Racing Flat Track Rookie of the Year, PJ Jacobsen, will also assume his father’s old number. PJ-who also competes in the AMA Pro Road Racing Championship-will be #99, which was held by Keith from 1996 through 1998.

Another road racing power, JD Beach, has dropped the “C” from his #95, as he will also be splitting his season between the dirt and the asphalt.

New York’s Jeremy Higgins and Gary Conklin will be dropping their “B”s, as Higgins staged a strong finish to 2010 and Conklin made his one National main at Daytona last year.

Journeyman rider Aaron Lindfors also made his first National main last year. For 2011, he’ll run the #46 in honor of his home state’s Kris Armentrout and Stan Engdahl.

The list below represents the National Numbers for 2011. Please note that 2011 license applications are not yet entirely complete, therefore consider this list provisional.

2011 AMA Pro Racing Flat Track National Numbers

#             Rider Home                         Town             
1*^     Jake Johnson                    Franklinville, NJ
2         Kenny Coolbeth                Morris, CT
3         Joe Kopp                            Mica, WA
4         Chris Carr                          Fleetwood, PA
7         Sammy Halbert                Graham, WA
9*        Jared Mees                      Clio, MI
10       Johnny Lewis                   Coatesville, PA
11*     Scott Baker                        Eatonville, WA
12*     Brad Baker                         Chehalis, WA
13^     Dan Gedeon                      Warren, OH
15      Nichole Cheza                   Clio, MI
16^     AJ Eslick                             Tulsa, OK
17      Henry Wiles                        Winn, MI
18      Logan Scherb                     Decatur, TX
19      Ion Stear                              Harvard, IL
20      Matt Weidman                    Westerlo, NY
22*    Lucas Scherb                      Decatur, TX
23*   Jeffrey Carver                        Alton, IL
24^    Logan Myers                        Wheeler, MI
25^   Brian Phillips                         Auburn, PA
26     Brandan Bergen                   Kewanee, IL
27     Rob Pearson                         Morton, IL
28^   Shaun Russell                      Westville, IL
29^   Jake Mataya                           Brooklyn Center, MN
30     Brock Schwarzenbacher     Beaver Dam, WI
32     Shawn Baer                           Bethel, PA
33^    JR Schnabel                         Campbellsport, WI
34     Jeremy DeRuyter                 West Bend, WI
35^    Brady Mueller                        Port Orchard, WA
37     Jimmy Wood                          Redlands, CA
39^    Matt Burton                             Ottumwa, IA
40^    Aaron King                              Dysart, IA
42^    Bryan Smith                            Flushing, MI
44      Brandon Robinson               Oxford, PA
45      Jesse Janisch                       Hartford, WI
46*     Aaron Lindfors                      Salina, KS
49      Chad Cose                            Fremont, CA
51^     Steve Murray                         Grand Blanc, MI
53^     Don Taylor                             Port Colborne, Ont., CN
55*^   Gary Conklin                          Harpursville, NY
56      Mike Radley                            Coeymans Hollow, NY
58^     Adam Carpinello                   East Greenbush, NY
59       Willie McCoy                           Keller, TX
61       Dustin Crow                           Peoria, IL
62^     Luke Gough                            Onalaska, WA
65      Cory Texter                               Willow Street, PA
68      Josh Koch                                Cedar, MN
69     Jethro Halbert                          Graham, WA
70     John Hlebo III                           San Jose, CA
71^    Don Mullen                               Coatesville, PA
72     Tim Eades                                Colonial Heights, VA
73     Doug Lawrence                       Mississauga, Ont., CN
74^    Mitch Vernon                            Olympia, WA
78*    Merle Scherb                            Decatur, TX
80^    Stevie Bonsey                          Salinas, CA
81     Justin Hittle                               Peoria, IL
82*   Jeremy Higgins                        Bergen, NY
87^   Mick Kirkness                           Jefferson City, MO
88^   John Raun                                 Wood Perkasie, PA
90^   Joe Hartrich                               Tonawanda, NY
92^   Kevin Vance                               Williamsfield, IL
95*   JD Beach                                    Philpot, KY
99*   PJ Jacobsen                              Montgomery, NY

* NEW # for 2011
^ Pending License Application

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