AMA Supercross Goes Pink at Anaheim II

February 5, 2011
Ryan Merrill
Ryan Merrill
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Troy Lee Designs Honda rider Cole Seely airs out a triple in Angels Stadium showing off his new pink helmet and gear supporting breast cancer awareness for Anaheim 2 Supercross.
Troy Lee Designs Honda rider Cole Seely riding in Angels Stadium wearing his new pink helmet and gear supporting breast cancer awareness for Anaheim II Supercross.

Round 5 of AMA Supercross series goes pink this weekend in support of breast cancer awareness. For the second year Anaheim Supercross at Angels Stadium dons a pink theme to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Orange County Affiliate focusing on breast cancer awareness and research.

In 2010 the pink-themed Supercross raised $57,000 in donations for breast cancer research and continues in 2011 with the help of Feld Motor Sports and the Supercross community. Shasta Johnson, breast cancer survivor and volunteer who organizes the event, will be on hand to deliver another year of amazing results.

“Feld Motor Sports gave me the opportunity to work with them and do something really special by bringing the breast cancer movement to Supercross in the form of education, awareness and fund raising. I’m really proud to be a part of it and to be asked to come back for a second year to give not only myself the opportunity but to give the riders, industry and fans a chance to rally together and give to a good cause. It’s great to see everyone partake in the pink theme and really have fun sporting creative pink items such as helmets, gear, shirts and anything that shows support of the breast cancer awareness movement,” said Shasta.

Ashley Fioleks donated motocross boot painted up in pink to help raise money for breast cancer awareness at Anaheim 2 Supercross.
Ashley Fioleks donated motocross boot decorated in pink to help raise money for breast cancer awareness at Supercross.

Expect to see the Anaheim II Supercross doused in pink. Riders and their teams will show their support dressed in new gear, pink helmets, wheels, boots, gloves and even pink tuff blocks will be seen on the track. Many of the items will be available on auction or in raffles to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. In addition to the teams supporting the cause much of the industry is supplying donations of cool swag that fans can pick up in the pits and at the event. Examples include FMF Racing, which has created some great pink themed T-shirts to hand out in the pits and the company Equalibryum which is donating some pink balance power bands. Fans are encouraged to wear pink and get involved with the breast cancer movement.

Breast cancer survivors and volunteers will be attending to aid in breast cancer education services and will be given some first class VIP treatment from Feld Motor Sports to continue the growth of support within the Supercross community. Orange County resident, Susan G Komen spokesperson and breast cancer survivor Rebecca Hultguist will be attending with plans to inform the Supercross community about the organization’s goals and how fans can get involved with the foundation.

“We will have a breast cancer awareness expo booth at the entrance to the Angels Stadium that will be providing free education materials on breast cancer preventative practices along with information on the foundation. Everyone is invited to stop by the booth to spin our education wheel to possibly win some cool prizes and pick up some information on how to get involved with the local Susan G Komen chapter,” says Hultguist.

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