Erik Buell Racing 1190RS Debuts at Indy

February 18, 2011
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Promised in September of 2010  the 1190RS is a street-legal evolution of the companys 1190RR racebike.
The Buell, excuse us, Erik Buell Racing 1190RS made its public debut at the 2011 Indy Dealer Expo.

Erik Buell has been teasing the street legal version of his 1190 superbike for weeks. Now the American sportbike creator and his second eponymous sportbike company, Erik Buell Racing, has unveiled the EBR 1190RS at the Indy Dealer Expo.

Promised in September of 2010, the 1190RS is a street-legal evolution of the company’s 1190RR racebike. Familiar Buell components remain in place, like the ZTL front rotor and linkage-less rear suspension (both the shock and front fork sourcing Ohlins units). Major differences between the RS and RR include the stacked headlight array, turn signals mounted atop the long windscreen and rear taillight assembly.

The RS also makes use of dual right side exhaust, with the former Buells, of course, known for their distinctive low-slung exhaust systems. The 1190RS on display at Indy sports a “Carbon Edition” moniker on the tail section. It’s a fitting appellation as the new model fairly drips with the featherweight material making up the bodywork, tank and muffler.

Compared with Erik Buell’s last street-legal Superbike, the 1190RS goes bigger and slimmer. Bigger is the familiar Rotax Twin, bored out from its previous 1125 dimensions to its current 1190cc displacement (Read more about the engine upgrades on the 1190RR in our Buell 1190RR Superbike First Look.) Slimmer is the width with the RS visually sporting a trimmer profile with new front-mounted radiator, rather than the 1125R’s wide side-mounted units. The slimmer upper fairing features the stacked headlights, rather that the more conventional vertical array on the 1125.

Spec sheet details for the 1190RS are still forthcoming, along with official pictures. Stay tuned for updates.

Buell 1190RS  Buell 1190RS  Buell 1190RS
Profile of the new 1190RS on display at the Erik Buell Racing booth at the Indy Dealer expo, note the slimmer profile than the
bulbous radiator shrouds on the former 1125R. However familiar Buell components remain, such as the ZTL front rotor.

Buell 1190RS  Buell 1190RS  Buell 1190RS
The Red White and Blue sportbike…. Erik Buell continues to press forward with his American Sportbike vision in the 1190RS.

Buell 1190RS  Buell 1190RS  Buell 1190RS
New for the EBR 1190RS are a more conventional right side exhaust, an all-new stacked headlight array. Mr. Buell smiling now
more than a year after the somber death of Buell Motorcycle at the hand of Harley-Davidson.

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