Fandango Tank Bag by Giant Loop

February 4, 2011
Courtesy of Giant Loop Moto
Motorcycle soft luggage maker Giant Loop is now offering its Fandango Tank Bag Harness alone as an additional option that enables Fandango Tank Bag owners to quickly, easily move a single bag between two motorcycles. Once mounted on the bike, the Harness stays put and the Fandango Tank Bag can be unzipped and mounted on the optional harness in seconds.

Fandango tank bag by giant loop

As “Kit & Caboodle” columnist Kit Vercella recently wrote in BMW Owners News magazine, “One of the features that a lot of riders liked about the BMW Multivario tank bag was the ability to unzip the bag from its base. And so it is with the Fandango as well.”

“By unzipping the bag from the base, it is convenient to take the bag with you when the bike is parked,” Vercella continues. “Also, the base is notched in the front which (depending upon the location of your bike’s filler cap) allows the bag to be partially unzipped from the base and tilted for easy access to the filler cap.”

Named for both the lively Spanish dance and the rocky eastern Oregon desert canyon pass, the Fandango Tank Bag is designed to strap on/off a wide variety of dirt, dualsport, adventure touring, sport and sport touring bikes. A slim, trim profile keeps gear secure – and out of the way when sitting in the saddle or standing up on the foot pegs. The Fandango Tank Bag Harness is compatible with both metal and non-metallic fuel tanks.

Made from the same tough, weather-resistant “trucker’s tarp” material and waterproof YKK zipper as Giant Loop’s other soft luggage solutions, The Fandango Tank Bag is also available in colors to match Giant Loop’s Great Basin and Coyote Saddlebags: white, gray, black, orange and yellow.

• Bag unzips from base layer
• Beefy YKK coil zipper on base layer
• Diamond-plate vinyl reinforcements
• Designed and sewn in the U.S.A.
• Easy on/off
• Sewn with military-grade thread
• Straps: 1-in. Nylike webbing with Delrin thumb-lock buckles

The Fandango Tank Bag Harness retails for $70.00 (USD) and is available from dealers throughout the USA, as well as distributors in Australia, Canada, Finland, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Spain and United Kingdom.

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