Icon Motosports 2011 Spring Collection

February 17, 2011
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Check out the full Icon line-up in our 2011 Icon Spring Collection Video.

Icon Motosports has seen a meteoric rise since its public debut in 2002. Centered in the thriving motorcycling community of northwest Portland, Oregon, with companies like Moto Corsa and e-motorcycle pioneers Moto Czysz as neighbors, Icon has scratched out its niche by producing heavy-duty gear with in-your-face styling. The company is also known for its creative marketing campaigns, from the Speed Cretin riding The Wall of Death to the Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle pitting an RX-7 against a ZX-10 that’s gone viral on YouTube. Popular among the stunter and street sects, Icon prides itself on making gear with rider’s safety in mind. With plenty of Mil-Spec and Hi-Viz gear in its 2011 lineup, Icon’s newest products reflect its mission to protect riders – and make them look good in the process. Let’s check out some of the highlights of Icon’s 2011 Spring Collection.

Icon Field Armor Stryker Vest
Icon’s new Field Armor Stryker Vest combines CE-approved armor with a new intelligent foam called d3o with molecules that lock together to absorb the energy from an impact. Cool.
Icon Patrol Waterproof Jacket
Icon’s Patrol Waterproof Jacket is top-notch gear. It’s been keeping me dry this past week during driving Oregon rainstorms and even light snow.
Icon Overlord Prime Hero Jacket
The Icon Overlord Prime Hero Jacket is the same one Nick ‘APEX’ Brocha wore in the Icon Drift video. It’s made of thick, durable leather and has elbow, shoulder and back protection.
Icon Womens Hooligan2 Threshold Jacket
Icon’s Women’s Hooligan2 Threshold jacket has a mesh design, padded overlays in the elbows, CE field armor in the elbows and shoulders and a foam back pad.
Icon Variant Salvo Hi-Viz Helmet
The Icon Variant Salvo Hi-Viz helmet meets DOT standards, comes with an anti-lift visor and fog-free shield and has eye-popping color that’s sure to get you seen.

One of the coolest products in Icon’s spring line is its Field Armor Stryker Vest ($110). It’s a battle on urban streets. Outnumbered and out-armored by the masses of Detroit steel-driving cagers out there, whatever tips the odds in a motorcyclist’s favor is a welcome addition. I’ve met the hard-riding crew at Icon, and when they say they “know the pain of a street crash first hand,” believe them. This knowledge is the impetus behind its Field Armor Stryker series.

The Stryker Vest provides hardcore back protection, light shoulder protection and a chest protector plate. It is comprised of a combination of CE-approved armor and a new intelligent foam called d3o. The way Icon puts it, “d3o Intelligent Shock Absorption is a patented, shock absorbing material specially engineered with Intelligent Molecules that flow with you as you move, but lock together on shock to absorb impact energy.” We’re talking space age stuff here. Almost makes you want to crash to test it out. Almost. The Field Armor Stryker Vest has injection molded back armor that looks like giant vertebrae. The chest plate is also injection molded. Both have plenty of slits for air vents. Underneath is a Hydradry moisture wicking liner, while waist and shoulder straps allow riders to tailor the fit. Best of all, it’s not overly bulky and should slip easily under your favorite riding jacket. Looks cool enough to wear solo with a t-shirt underneath it on a hot day, too. If you ride all out, all the time, then you might want to invest in the whole enchilada – Stryker Elbow Armor ($75), Knee Armor ($95) and the Stryker Short hip armor ($70). All three come with Icon’s d3o intelligent impact dispersion system.

Being based in Portland provides the perfect testing grounds for Icon’s Patrol All Weather Riding Gear. Winds whip out of the Gorge, rain pummels the place all winter and ice storms have been known to paralyze the city. But some of us refuse to put the ol’ bike on the trickle charger and are going to ride year round. If this is you, Icon’sPatrol Waterproof Jacket ($370) is a natural fit for your gear bag.

The Patrol Jacket is constructed of durable, abrasion- resistant nylon. It’s long in front, hanging just below the waist, and comes with adjustment straps at the waist and on the arms. The multitude of zippers are YKK waterproof and the long one down the front has an extra storm flap that seals up with quick-action magnets. For protection, the Patrol Waterproof Jacket comes with a CE-approved shoulder, elbow, and back pads. It comes with an extra layer of comfort and warmth in the form of its removable liner. If the clouds go away and it dries up, it has six vents you can open up. It’s got lots of pockets and even a removable hydration pocket on the back for a 1.5-liter waterpack. I dig how high the collar comes up because I hate cold air creeping up my neck. The fixed hoody is a sweet touch, too. When I left my house for the 30-mile ride to work yesterday it was snowing lightly. The Patrol Waterproof Jacket and Waterproof Overpants ($250) were my saving grace. The view of the snow-covered hills was a chilly sight but I was snug and dry inside my Patrol gear.

The Overlord Prime Hero Jacket ($495) has the potential to be a big-seller this spring. It’s cut to fit your body snug like a glove and is made of thick, durable, premium-grade leather. The Overlord Prime Hero Jacket is the same one Nick “APEX” Brocha wore in the Icon Drift video. Doesn’t mean you’ll be able to ride like “APEX” if you buy one, but you can at least look good while you’re trying. The jacket features removable CE-approved elbow and shoulder armor to go along with a dual-density foam back pad. The front is splashed with Icon’s new Hero graphics and patches from the likes of Wiseco and K&N. Ventilation comes in the form of strategically placed perforated panels. It also has a new zip-in feature to complement the new Overlord Prime Leather Pant ($310). The pants are made of the same heavy-duty leather as the Overlord jacket and are cut to fit over the boot. The knees are reinforced with removable injection plastic protection. The Overlord Overpants are also offered in a textile version for $115.

For the ladies out there, Icon has a pair of new textile jackets available, the Hooligan2 Stealth ($165) and Threshold ($175) Jackets. The Stealth Jacket comes in what else – black! The textile jacket has a mesh design with padded overlays in the elbow for added abrasion protection. Similar to the Men’s Overlord Prime Hero Jacket, the Stealth comes with removable CE field armor in the elbows, shoulders and also is equipped with a foam back pad. Unlike the men’s jacket, it has a woman’s relaxed fit cut with stretch panels and a lined collar. The Hooligan2 Stealth Jacket has a removable insulated wind resistant liner, but with its mesh design, it’s more of a warmer weather jacket. The Hooligan2 Threshold Jacket is cut the same and has the same features – CE protection, elbow overlays, a mesh chassis and removable liner, but comes in what Icon calls a “Glam Package” in pink and black with a flashy graphics package and racy logos. We can already hear it. Pink? Yes, pink. Icon says there get grief for it, but the color combo continues to be a best seller, so pink it is.

There’s some new Hooligan action on the men’s side, too. The Hooligan2 Mil-Spec Jacket ($195) is part of Icon’s Hi-Viz line. The Hooligan2 has a long list of standard features – a mesh construction, extra overlays in the elbows, CE-approved armor and integrated flex panels. But get one in Mil-Spec Orange or Yellow and your riding buddies better put on their sunglasses. This stuff seriously glows. My Patrol Gear is in the Hi-Viz Yellow and my wife loves how visible it makes me. According to Icon, the Hooligan 2 Mil-Spec jacket “meets US Military base guidelines for motorcycle upper body garments, eliminating the requirement to wear a separate reflective vest on the military base.” Hey, if it’s good enough for the military, it’s good enough for me. There’s also a version called the Hooligan2 Threshold Jacket ($185) that comes in black, white, green, red or blue which has a new graphic package.

More cool gear, boots and apparel can be found in Icon’s 2011 Spring Collection, from its new Alliance Lucky Lid ($200) to the Variant Salvo Hi-Viz helmet ($390). Icon vests continue to be popular among the sportbike crowd and they even have a line specifically for Suzuki riders. As Icon likes to say, feel free to “Ride Among Us.”

If anything on this page jumps out at you, be sure to scope out the full line of Icon gear at our favorite place to shop, the Motorcycle Superstore, who’ll have it delivered to your doorstep in no time flat.

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