Low and Mean Honda Fury Dual Intake Adapter

February 2, 2011
Courtesy of Low and Mean
Low and Mean has created a Dual Intake Adapter to match the popular right side air intake adapter. This Dual Intake Adapter has the sharp edge design like the motor. This adapter covers all the stock wiring, replaces the stock tool box ignition cover and relocates the key to a lower position. The Dual Intake Adapter was designed to adapt the Harley-Davidson CV carb 3-bolt style air filters to the Honda Fury.

Honda Fury Dual Intake Adapter
Give your Honda Fury a unique custom show bike look with Low and Mean’s Dual Intake Adapter.

This adapter is made from strong fiberglass composites, the standard finish is a semi-gloss black, and has an inner flat black finish. This kit comes with everything you need to bolt on the aftermarket intake of your choice, hardware to bolt the adapter to the bike, and instructions.

* This product is only the left side adapter. You will still need an air cleaner to bolt to this dual intake adapter. This is a non-functional intake adapter. Designed to only work with the LM right side intake. There is no function – it is strictly for looks. Low and Mean offers many air cleaner styles that will fit to this adapter.

Price per unit: $180 


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