Stunt Bums Head to France

February 2, 2011
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Stunt Bums PR was launched by two riders in May 2010 with the goal to unite and grow the sport of Sportbike Freestyle through news, event coverage and instructional videos. Just eight months after the project’s launch, owners Leah Petersen and Anthony Pesch are moving to France to strength the bridge between the very active and progressive American and European riding communities.

Petersen and Pesch have each been granted a “Talents and Competence” visa from the French government to ride and develop the StuntBums project in France. During the lengthy application process Petersen and Pesch illustrated how had the power to unite the European and American scenes to promote growth and evolution in the sport. The visa committee granted the visas stating that had potential to be “beneficial to both the French and American public.”

In Europe Petersen and Pesch plan to continue their instructional and lifestyle videos, event coverage in both America and Europe and develop their growing information database of sportbike freestyle’s past, present and future. Through providing information on the subculture owners hope to promote growth within the culture, invite new riders to learn and participate and educate the general public and fans. Living in France Petersen and Pesch are looking forward to riding in a new environment and understanding the sport they love so much from another perspective.

For more information please email: and keep an eye on to follow Leah and Anthony’s adventure and stay up to date on all things Sportbike Freestyle.

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