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February 12, 2011
Courtesy of Scorpion USA
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Former 2008 Arenacross Lites champ Tyler Bright is ready to kick off the 2011 East Coast Supercross Lites series in Houston, riding for the legendary Jimmy Weinert. Joining No.709 Bright on “The Jammer’s” pro team this season will be No. 89 Taylor Futrell and No. 244 Ryan Zimmer.

Weinert says he wanted to call attention to his new MX training facility, so what better way than to showcase some rising stars and help them refine raw talent? “Opening a training facility has long been a dream of mine,” says Weinert. “I have always liked working with both upcoming riders and professional racers.” The 20-year-old Bright brings the best of both categories to the team after a successful stint with the Foremost Insurance/Jim Neese Arenacross Team and some earlier Supercross racing.

“I used to race Loretta’s, Ponca City, the Mini Os, but I never really was the top amateur or anything like that,” admits Bright. “But I just kept plugging away, and my parents kept supporting me. I ended up making four Supercross main events and had four Top 20 finishes in the outdoor nationals in 2008.” However unfortunate injuries hindered his 2009/10 season, but he is now fully healed and pumped up to be racing again.

“We are happy to join Jimmy Weinert in supporting Tyler this season,” says Scorpion’s marketing/advertising maven, Suzie Kirby. “We were pretty bummed when he was hurt before his first outdoor national last year and glad to have him back in the saddle. Tyler is totally dedicated to Scorpion and super pumped to be racing for Jammer’s team!”

“Super pumped” is an accurate description as Bright will be competing in Scorpion’s VX-24 helmet featuring the trademarked AIRFIT technology. Now riders can pump up the proprietary cheek pad inflation system to ensure the perfect fit. The VX-24 also maximizes protection with a polycarbonate shell combined with a state-of-the-art dual density EPS liner to absorb maximum energy. In fact, this combination meets or exceeds all Snell/DOT safety standards.

Above and beyond passing the protection test, Scorpion’s KwikWick washable moisture wicking comfort liner will be helping Bright keep his cool no matter how hot the action may get. Speaking of cool, an all new Aero-tuned front ventilation system and redesigned rear exhaust ports ensure plenty of airflow over the scalp.

“In addition to a superior fit, Tyler will also be making a statement at the track with the Impact, Vortech and Hellraiser graphics this season,” says Suzie Kirby. Be sure to give Tyler Bright and the rest of the Jimmy Weinert Racing Team a shout-out at the track as the SX series starts its East Coast swing in Houston.

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