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February 24, 2011
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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What !f film
What !f is the latest film from Red Tide Pictures.

Freestyle motocross videos raged out of control in the past decade and have fizzled as a result. A new trend has moved into the off-road world and full-length videos documenting the extreme talent of often lesser-known riders bring a new flavor to the digital moto media. What !f is one one of the newest and hottest this year.

Reigning WORCS champion, Kurt Caselli, is joined by fellow WORCS competitor Taylor Robert and Tim Weigand. National Enduro champs Russell Bobbitt and Mike Lafferty show off their tree-threading skills and Kailub Russell demonstrates the speed necessary to be a top GNCC competitor. Free-riding ace and extreme enduro racer, Kyle Redmond, shows off the skills that have earned him top-American honors abroad and photo model and testing duties at MotoUSA!

Here’s a comment from Red Tide Pictures:

What !f is the first film to showcase the progression and limitless boundaries of off-road riding. Featuring today’s best riders showcasing their talents in front of some of the best cinematographers around, this film will not disappoint. From the tight trees of the East, to the wide-open terrain of the West, the athletes of What !f prove again and again that no terrain is out of reach.”

We’ve come to expect a lot from Producer/Director, Wiley Watson, including top-notch film quality, creative camera angles, amazing riders and kick-ass soundtracks. Watch the trailer below and pre-order your copy of the 42-minute feature film.

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