2011 Scott 450 Series Gear Review

JC Hilderbrand | March 8, 2011
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The Scott 450 Series gear is a new entry.

When Scott burst onto the motocross apparel scene with new lines of gear, helmets and boots, it became a top priority to get ahold of a set. We wound up with the higher-end 450 Series in the black/white colorway and right away the clean styling grabbed my attention. This gear looks racy and has all the features you’d expect from an upper-level set of motocross gear. I’ve been rotating this set of duds with others for half a season and the Scott gear has showcased excellent durability. We already looked at the Scott Airborne Grid Helmet Review, so here’s the scoop on each piece of softer apparel. 

Scott 450 Series Pant – $139.95

Scott 450 Series Pant
The pants are tight, but otherwise

Tight. That’s the first word out of my mouth whenever someone asks about the pants. In the early testing it was quickly apparent that they are snug, but it’s been months and they still haven’t stretched. I’m 5’11” and 177 pounds, which is pretty average build. It would be great to say I’ve got pistons under me that are amazingly thick with muscle. Unfortunately, they’re just normal. The waist fits correctly and the length tucks nicely into boots, but the 450 pants are definitely smaller than most through the thighs and knees. Wearing knee braces makes the situation worse and squatting, shifting in the saddle and mounting/dismounting can be difficult. Damon Huffman rode with the gear for a day and his slender build was much more comfortable.

A thin rider will fully appreciate the excellent build quality. These pants have yet to show a thread. Three types of Spandex provide mobility for the right body type and articulated knees with leather guards keep heat at bay. The rubber logos are small and insignificant while riding and the form-fitting cuffs are the elastic type that I prefer. Waist closure and dual Velcro adjusters work well for pre- and post-lunch rides. 

Scott 450 Series Jersey
This jersey fits great, but padding
soaks up sweat.

Scott 450 Series Jersey – $49.95
The cut and design of the polyester, mesh and Lycra 450 jersey is also fairly slim. However, I like the way it fits without any baggy material flapping around and the collar is high yet comfortable. It would be virtually perfect if not for the sewn-in padding. The shoulder and elbow pads are the thickest we’ve seen in awhile and it detracts from the shirt. Once the rider starts sweating, the pads stick to the skin and become annoying. I did take a hard spill directly on the shoulder and came away without even a scratch, though I think the chest protector had more to do with that. The pads add weight and the jersey feels a bit heavy as a result. The 250 Series jersey looks to have less padding, which is really the only complaint I have. 

Scott 450 Series Glove – $34.95
The gloves were problematic in the early going with a seam that rubbed against the thumb. Fortunately, that sensation wore off as they broke in. Like the rest of the gear they provide a close fit, but the 450 Series gloves do not restrict movement or cause cramping in the hands. The Clarino palm has excellent grip and comfort. The Velcro closure is small and folds down from the top, leaving the wrist free to move. As the hardest-wearing part of this gear combo, it’s expected to see some wear and tear on the gloves, but the 450 Series are holding up exceptionally well. I regularly wear them with other gear sets that have inferior mitts.

Scott 450 Series Glove
Once the gloves break in they are
comfortable and durable.

Overall the gear looks wonderful, and for a thinner rider, the performance will match. Larger riders should definitely beware and even average bodies will notice fitment issues. This black/white gear felt warmer than some others we’ve ridden with, part of which might be due to the sticking jersey and constricting pants, but there are plenty of color combinations if black isn’t your thing, including limited edition graphics. Just because they are snug doesn’t mean I didn’t wear them. The set has seen plenty of sweaty rides, and cold, muddy rides. Varying conditions and repeated wash cycles have had no visible effect, making this the toughest gear I’ve ridden in so far this year. I could easily see these lasting multiple seasons for an average rider.

The Scott 450 Series PantsScott 450 Series Jersey and Scott 450 Series Gloves are all available at Motorcycle-Superstore.

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