Japanese Quake Shuts Down Production

March 11, 2011
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Honda Tochigi R D Facility
Honda Tochigi Automotive Parts Factory
The 8.9 magnitude Japanese earthquake has shut down Honda facilities in the Tochigi Prefecture, including an R&D center (top) and an automotive parts factory (bottom).

The devastating 8.9 earthquake in Japan has shut down production for some of the nation’s automotive industry. Nissan, Toyota and Honda have all suspended operations at plants in the affected regions. 

Unconfirmed reports state 30 or more have been injured and one person killed at Honda facilities in the Tochigi Prefecture north of Tokyo. The company maintains multiple sites in Tochigi, including a factory that builds automotive parts, as well as an R&D facility.

Updates forthcoming.