New Schuberth C3W Women’s Helmet

March 8, 2011
Courtesy of Schuberth
Schuberth C3W Helmet

Schuberth North America announces delivery of the C3W to select dealers across the U.S.A. and Canada. The C3W is the women’s version of the award winning C3, the lightest, quietest, most compact flip-up motorcycle helmet on the market.

“How is this helmet engineered differently for women?,” asks Sarah Schilke, Schuberth North America’s Marketing and P.R. Manager, “Schuberth conducted extensive research on women’s head and facial structure which led to a redesign of the fit and different materials in the padding and liner fabric.”

The C3W features reshaped cheekpads made of soft memory foam to fit a narrower jaw line and smaller facial features. The subtle ecru micro-fiber lining is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, easy to clean, and exceptionally soft for sensitive skin. It comes in colors matching the C3, plus a special pearl white.

“Women who have tested samples of the C3W at the International Motorcycle Shows raved about its light weight and luxuriously comfortable fit. Schuberth is proud to offer the only helmet specifically engineered for women. It isn’t just about the pretty pearl white color,” says Schilke.

Details about the C3W motorcycle helmet and dealer locations are available on the Schuberth website:

Schuberth North America is a branch of Schuberth GmbH in Magdeburg, Germany, providing innovative, protective Motorcycle Helmets. Made in Germany.

Pearl White
Matte Black

Sizes: XXS (50/51) – L (58/59)

MSRP: $699
5-Year Warranty
3-Year Service Plan