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March 23, 2011
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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Scott introduced its 2011 apparel line inside of a very cool airplane hanger turned museum.
Scott is making a serious push to become a major player in the off-road apparel market. The company recently showed off its latest gear line in a San Diego area airplane museum.

When someone says, “I got some new Scott stuff.” Do you immediately think of goggles? Chances are you do. But soon you just might think of jerseys, pants, boots and helmets, too. In the past, Scott has made an effort to breakout of the goggle mold with marginal success. This time, however, they have decided to go big, and it shows.

In a privately owned aircraft hanger turned museum, the Scott Motorsport division showed off its new line for riding gear and master plan of becoming a major player in the motocross and off-road clothing market. Not only is the entire line designed in the U.S. it has brought a industry heavy-hitter to put the brand on top. Bob Manard, founder of Thor, is now at the reigns of the motorsports apparel division having recently retired from Thor. That single move should signal how serious Scott is about the success of its apparel line.

The variety of gear available from Scott is impressive. There are four levels in the apparel line-up, named the 450, 250, Adventure and Off-road. At the top is the 450 moto gear. Featuring articulated pre-bent elbows, ventilated side panels, and

The Scott 450 jersey is available in three graphic designs including the Linear LTD.
The Scott 450 jersey is available in three graphic designs including the Linear LTD. Featuring bio-foam padding, vented side panels and pre-bent elbow the 450 is race-ready.

bio foam in the elbows and shoulders, the Scott 450 Series Jersey is available in three different graphic designs (Linear LTD, Circuit LTD and Racewear) with multiple color choices. Available in the same colors and graphics, the 450 pant boasts an attack position cut, leather and ballistic nylon knees, a three-quarter length inner liner and a four-way stretch mid-section.

Just below the top-tier 450 gear is the 250 line. With four designs and multiple colorways the 250 moto-gear has a choice of no less than 10 jersey and nine pant colors. The jerseys feature a dual layer V-neck collar, padded elbows and Lycra cuffs to ensure a snug fit. High-end features such as ballistic nylon and leather knees, a multi-panel rear yoke and side adjustments are standard on the 250 pant.

Scott’s Adventure Series is designed as the do-it-all gear choice. The pants are over-the-boot for a more comfortable fit and wider range of motion. Featuring spandex crotch and side panels, dual adjustable waist adjustments, and pre-bent knees, the Scott Adventure Pant is ready for all-day desert rides. The jersey is a more relaxed fitting set-up with vented sides constructed from 100% moisture wicking materials.

And for when the weather gets really wet and nasty, the Ridgeline pant and jacket will keep you comfortable. The pant is over-the-boot with a waterproof gator and a side zipper on the lower leg. Zippered vents, a fleece neck liner, and multiple storage pockets make the Scott Ridgeline Jacket perfectly suited for putting down some serious miles in any weather—hot or cold, wet or dry. Both the pant and jacket also have a waterproof and breathable membrane.

The Scott 450 boot replaces the space-age looking Genius boot. With a more traditional look and top-shelf construction the 450 should do much better than its predecessor.
The new 450 boot replaces the previous Genius boot with more traditional styling but has just as much technology inside.

In the boot department, Scott has ditched the Star Wars inspired Genius boot for a more traditional approach in foot protection. Following the same classification as the motocross gear, two price points are available in the 450 and 250 boots. The 450 is a high-end boot with a multitude of features including an anatomically designed calf and ankle area, a specially designed sole for improved feeling, and low-profile toe box for improved shifts. The 450 is available in black, white and a white/red color combo. The 250 boot is constructed similar to its big brother but is meant to be for entry-level riders who are on a budget.

Scott also offers two helmets to round out its expansive gear line-up. Austin Stroupe has been rocking the top-shelf Scott Airborne helmet for the last two seasons. The shell is constructed from light but strong Carbon Fiber and mated to a tri-density EPS liner. Just like other high-end lids, air vents are large to maximize cooling, and the inner padding is removable and washable. The 250 helmet features a more budget-minded construction with a polycarbonate shell and dual-density EPS liner. Both helmets exceed all DOT, Snell, and AMA standards.

So if you are a fan of Scott goggles why not check out the new line of apparel? At this point Scott has you covered, head-to-toe.

The Scott Linear LTD 450 Series Jersey and Scott Linear LTD 450 Pants are available at Motorcycle Superstore.
MSRP: $54.95 (Jersey), $149.95 (Pants)

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