Honda Supporting Chad Reed in Remaining SX

April 28, 2011
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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TwoTwo Motorsports Chad Reed may lead the championship now  but how long will it last  - Toronto
Chad Reed will remain on his TwoTwo Motorsports machine but factory Honda has committed to supporting the top red rider through the end of the season.

Honda will bring Kevin Windham in for the outdoor motocross season, but it still hasn’t announced any replacements for the injured Trey Canard and Josh Grant at the remaining two rounds of AMA Supercross. This late in the game it may not be worth the effort to test and prepare the machines for another rider. However, Honda does still have a presence in the pits. Not only is the team semi truck on display, but Honda is now fully invested in the success of TwoTwo Motorsports Chad Reed, who is also mounted on a CRF450R. Here’s a blurb from a recent press release regarding their relationship.

“Honda newcomer TwoTwo Motorsports’ Chad Reed is six points out of the Supercross Championship lead with two rounds remaining. With American Honda Racing’s Trey Canard and Josh Grant both sidelined with injuries, the American Honda team is lending its full support to the TwoTwo Motorsports team as Reed vies for his first title on a Honda CRF450R.”

Not exactly what some of the rumor mills have been generating about Reed slipping under the factory tent, but it makes sense this way. Reed has put too much effort into his fledgling TwoTwo Motorsports program and the limited sponsors on his team deserve the full credit for his success this year. I think it’s commendable for Reed to stick it out for his crew rather than borrow Canard’s bike. It’s a win-win for everyone. If he can pull off the championship as a first-year “privateer” effort, that alone will be a huge accomplishment, and Honda still gets to claim the title for the red team.

Chad Reed’s 2011 AMA Supercross Results:
Anaheim 1 – 5th

AMA Supercross Championship Points

Phoenix – 4th
Los Angeles – 7th
Oakland – 2nd
Anaheim 2 – 3rd
Houston – 6th
San Diego – 1st
Atlanta – 3rd
Daytona – 2nd
Indianapolis – 3rd
Jacksonville – 2nd
Toronto – 2nd
Dallas – 8th
St. Louis – 4th
Seattle – 3rd