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Bryan Harley | April 21, 2011
Icon Overlord Long Gloves II
Don’t tell PETA, but the Icon Overlord Long Gloves are a combination of goatskin and Kangaroo hide. The gloves provide plenty of protection and vent well.  Icon Overlord Long Gloves

Looking back at my riding habits, it’s hard to believe that at one time I was one of those yahoos riding around without wearing gloves. Rain, shine, cold, hot, it didn’t matter. I’d just grip and bear it. Man, I’m glad I got wiser. Now I don’t ride without my gloves. They’ve become an extension of my body and are the interface between riders and the feel of a bike’s front end. Which means I don’t like gloves that are overly bulky or stiff. Fortunately, the Icon Overlord Long Gloves I’ve been testing over the last few months are neither.

The combination “Battlehide” goatskin and Kangaroo hide keep them light weight and the ribbing on the pre-curved fingers allow for instant flexibility. That’s right, I said Kangaroo hide. It’s stitched into the glove’s palms. Poor Roo. But I love the suppleness of your hide. Quality stuff. The majority of the rest of the gauntlet-style glove feels like traditional leather, except for small, stretchy panels in the webs between fingers and on the wrist gauntlet.

Icon’s gone to great measures to make sure your skin stays on your body in case of an unplanned meeting with the pavement. I give the Overlord Long Gloves above average marks for protection. It starts with a pair of ample-sized plastic armor plates on the knuckles and smaller hard plastic reinforcements on the backs of the middle three fingers and the thumb. Another “Thermoplastic” strip is stitched into the area that covers the lower forearm. The gloves are reinforced with an extra layer of leather in the grip areas in addition to a strip that runs from the pinkie and down the inside of the hand. There are multi-layers of protection on the back of the hands too, starting superficially with the see-thru plastic plates over the knuckles with another flap of protective leather below it.

The hide on the backs of the hands and around the wrist gauntlet are perforated and the glove ventilates well. It’s hard to tell how good a glove vents work until you wear them on a 35-degree morning. Then you feel exactly how much air these gloves circulate! The majority of the air comes in at the fingers through small, forward-facing slits in the plastic finger armor. The gloves aren’t waterproof, but with a closed fist the leather and plastic armor repels most of the water. The soft panels of the palms can get a little soggy. Because of the amount of air they circulate, the Icon Overlord Long Gloves are definitely designed to be more of a warm weather glove.

I ordered a size “Large” and the opening for your hand is fairly small for a gauntlet and it’s narrow at the wrist. If you’re wearing any type of thick leather jacket, the narrow opening makes tucking your sleeve into the glove challenging. I have to tuck my thumb in to pull them on but once I pull them up the length on the fingers is perfect. A wide swath of Velcro cinches it tight on the lower arm while a smaller Velcro strap tightens it at the wrist to minimize air running up your arm. Stitching is tight for the most part, but seams on the big flap you grab to tighten the gloves around the lower arm are separating on one arm and one of the palms is a little frayed from heavy use.

With its abundance of plastic armor and added layers of protective hide, the Icon Overlord Long Gloves have rugged styling that make you feel like you’re ready for the Fight Club. The back of the gloves are monochromatic for the most part except for the stitching, which matches the tan of the Kangaroo leather in the palms. This splash of color adds a touch of contrast to the black gloves we tested. A big Icon logo runs down the back of the wrist while another smaller logo is stitched onto the strap on the back of the hands. They also snuck a raised Icon “I” in the hard plastic of the injected Thermoplastic wrist protector.

The Icon Overlord Long Gloves fit great right out of the box, are lightweight, vent well and offer plenty of protection. Our main grievance is with the width of the opening that makes it difficult to tuck a jacket sleeve in to. They’ve withstood months of abuse in a range of extremes, from cold fronts and rain storms to a sunny run down to the Keys. At $145, they aren’t cheap, but to be cliché, you get what you pay for. And if keeping skin on your hands is a priority, the Icon Overlord Long Gloves are up to the task.

The Icon Overlord Long Gloves are available at the Motorcycle Superstore
Sizes – Small to 2XL
MSRP – $145


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