Marc Coma Freestyle on KTM 450 Rally

April 21, 2011
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Marc Coma
Marc Coma knows his way around rally racing like no other. Apparently he’s pretty good at expanding his horizons.

There’s no doubt that Marc Coma is one badass Spaniard. The factory KTM pilot has won the Dakar Rally three times and collected a trio of World Rally Championship titles as well. When it comes to going fast over rough, uncharted terrain for days on end, Coma is almost without equal. The last thing you’d expect the long-distance ace to be doing is hucking his full-blow rally raid bike through the air. Sure, he hops over dunes now and then, but pulling freestyle moves on sandy step-ups isn’t exactly the norm. Apparently hanging out with FMX guys has a bad (or good) effect. One thing’s for certain, KTM is getting a little cross-pollination with its stars of different disciplines.

Robbie Renner collects a paycheck by doing aerial acrobatics on his KTM dirt bike that have earned him world records and X-Games gold. He’s also been known to try out other events like hard enduros. Following Coma’s recent victory in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (his fifth), the two Red Bull riders hooked up for some fun in the dunes outside of Dubai, UAE.

“Normally, for us the important thing is keeping the bike in contact with the ground. The speed is what matters,” confessed Coma. “That’s why it’s not usual for Rally riders to be jumping these heights and distances. Compared to a freestyle bike, my bike weighs about a dozen kilos more than this. The tank alone can hold 40 liters.”

We doubt his 450 Rally was fully topped off with fuel, but the bike looks unchanged from his race with onboard computers and roll-charts still in place. The following photos show just how talented, and ballsy, Coma is on his 309-pound machine.

Marc ComaMarc Coma
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