Red Bull X-Fighters 2011 Season Preview

April 8, 2011
Courtesy of Red Bull
2010 Red Bull X-Fighters Free Style Motocross

Motorcycles that fly and athletes who call themselves acrobats of the air; Freestyle-Motocross (FMX) is the name of the sport and the Red Bull X-Fighters World Series is the world’s top competitive series. This year’s calendar features stops in Dubai (UAE), Brasilia (BRA), Rome (ITA), Madrid (ESP), Warsaw (POL) and Down Under (tba).
“If you need to win one series in order to gain immortality, then it is definitely this one,“ is how Nate Adams (USA) put it after the 2010 season finale. The defending champion and his rivals scored 770 jumps, 524 flips and were aloft on their bikes for nearly 17 kilometers last season.
There will be even more jumps this year for the high flyers because the Red Bull X-Fighters World Series will expand to six stops. The battle for the overall championship in the most important series in this extreme sport will take place on four continents this year. The season kicks off on April 15 at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, followed by stops in Brasilia (May 28), in Rome’s Olymicc stadium (June 25), at Madrid’s bullfighting arena (July 15), in Warsaw’s Narodowy Stadium (August 6) and the final in Australia (Sept.).
There is a lengthy list of challengers who will be aiming to dethrone Nate Adams: Robbie Maddison (AUS), Andre Villa (NOR), Levi Sherwood (NZL), Mat Rebeaud (SUI) and Dany Torres (ESP) are among the top contenders for the 2011 title. But there are also new rising stars, such as Australia’s Mark Monea, who has caused a sensation in the pre-season with a first-ever 360 front flip.

The picture show Robbie Maddison jumping in Borrego Springs, California on his wedding day, March 13. The jump was over some of the 77 metal sculptures made by local artist Ricardo Breceda that are on display in the area.

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