Salt Lake City Supercross Results 2011

April 30, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Ryan Villopoto: The start of my race didnt go as planned  but I was able to make up some time early on and things went my way. - Los Angeles
Ryan Villopoto made a statement in Salt Lake by making determined passes to claim his sixth win of the season. 

Nestled in the cold mountains of Utah, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto charged toward his sixth win in the 2011 AMA Supercross Championship. Villopoto now maintains a nine-point lead heading into the series finale in Las Vegas. TwoTwo Motorsports’ Chad Reed and Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey rounded out the podium at Rice Eccles Stadium, with Reed putting in an aggressive ride for the runner-up position. In the Lites class Geico Powersports Honda’s Eli Tomac secured top honors ahead of Red Bull KTM’s Ken Roczen and Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Broc Tickle. With just one round left, Tickle currently has hold of the series, though only by two points ahead of Tomac.
San Manuel Yamaha’s James Stewart got a great hook-up out of the gates to snag the holeshot ahead of Reed and JGRMX Yamaha’s Davi Millsaps. Back in fourth, Villopoto dropped the hammer and snuck up on Millsaps to make the pass. Shortly after Dungey also managed to pass Millsaps, but the defending champ had a large gap to make up to challenge the top-three. Red Bull KTM’s Andrew Short shot around his teammate, Mike Alessi, to secure fifth while RV started to reel in the TwoTwo bike. During his debut race in the 450 class, Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer had a great start, and after dropping back a bit he was running ninth just behind Geico Powersports Honda’s Kevin Windham.

James Stewart was seen riding rather cautiously in San Diego and finished third behind Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey.
Stewart suffered two falls in Salt Lake City and is now 23 points behind in the championship with just one round left.

Excitement in the crowd grew as Villopoto blew by Reed with a solid block pass. Just moments later on Lap 8, Stewart’s front end washed out in the turn just before the whoop section. The Yamaha rider quickly bounced back up, but another crash only seconds later in the whoops proved much more shocking after he went over the bars.

Recovering down in 14th, Stewart then had to pull off the track in order to fix a problem with the front of his bike. Up front it was RV, Reed, Dungey, Short, Millsaps and Windham controlling the pack more than halfway into the bout. Reed began really picking it up in the final laps of the race, chiseling away at Villopoto’s lead of two and a half seconds. Meanwhile, Stewart made his way back on the track just between RV and Reed. JS7 was repeatedly given the blue flag to allow Reed by, and after a few minutes of holding his ground Stewart was a gentleman and allowed him to go by.
In the end Villopoto secured a much-needed win just before the season final in Las Vegas.

“We have all done our work this year, and it is paying off,” said Villopoto. “It is a lot easier going into Vegas with a nine-point lead. Hopefully, I will be standing on top of the box next weekend.”

Reed won over the crowd through his determined riding, never letting up until taking the checkers in second. After a poor result in Seattle, Dungey was back on the podium to pick up another top-three finish to stay in the championship running. Bad news came from Stewart’s corner as he finished 10th and dropped 23 points adrift of Villopoto in the standings.

Salt Lake City AMA Supercross Results:
1. Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)

Chad Reed - San Diego 2011
Chad Reed (above) grabbed second and is now nine points behind RV, while Ryan Dungey (below) claimed third.Ryan Dungey posted yet another podium finish this season after a spirited performance in Texas.

2. Chad Reed (Honda)
3. Ryan Dungey (Suzuki)
4. Andrew Short (KTM)
5. Davi Millsaps (Yamaha)
6. Kevin Windham (Honda)
7. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki)
8. Thomas Hahn (Yamaha)
9. Justin Brayton (Yamaha)
10. James Stewart (Yamaha)
11. Nick Wey (Yamaha)
12. Kyle Regal (Yamaha)
13. Michael Byrne (Suzuki)
14. Chris Blose (Kawasaki)
15. Tyler Bowers (Kawasaki)

2011 AMA Supercross Championship Points:
1. Ryan Villopoto, 318
2. Chad Reed, 309
3. Ryan Dungey, 306
4. James Stewart, 295
5. Trey Canard, 255
6. Andrew Short, 214
7. Kevin Windham, 202
8. Davi Millsaps, 172
9. Justin Brayton, 153
10. Nick Wey, 139
Supercross Lites
For the Lites class Seely claimed the holeshot with Kawasaki’s Josh Hansen right alongside him. Tomac quickly flew by both riders with Tickle and Tyla Rattray rounding out the top-five in the first lap. Tragedy struck early for Hansen as he got into a tense standoff with Tomac. In the process of making a block pass, Hansen ate dirt while Tomac rode away unscathed. Hansen went on to crash just moments later before recovering in dead last. Meanwhile, Tomac was bringing the heat up front and continued to extend his lead.

Eli Tomac is just seven points behind in the West Coast Lites Championship after finishing second in Seattle.
Tomac took the lead early in Salt Lake and never looked back.  

After escaping his scrap with Hansen, Seely was in fourth just ahead of Kyle Cunningham. Rattray was trying to crack into the top-five as Tickle and Roczen became the focus of the crowd’s attention. The two went bar-to-bar fighting for second. Roczen eventually won the tussle, but Tickle kept the KTM rider honest through the remaining laps.
Tomac’s lead had increased to more than four seconds over the field. The fight was never lost on Tickle as he made one final push to bump Roczen out of the runner-up position. In the process of fighting with Roczen, Seely and Cunningham began to close on Tickle’s rear wheel. Just as the battle for second was heating up, the checkers came out for Tomac, who earned his second win of the season and moved just two points shy of Tickle in the standings.

“That was out of control for me tonight,” said Tomac. “Hansen (Josh), and I got into one another, and I had to lean into him; that’s just racing. I’ve dreamed of winning the championship as a rookie, and I am getting closer.”

Roczen posted a great defense in the final laps against Tickle to take second, while Tickle grabbed another podium to keep his lead in the series.

“Tonight’s track was technical, and it was hard to make passes,” said Tickle. “I am not happy because I wanted to win. I want to be strong heading into Las Vegas next weekend.”

Hansen essentially crushed his chance at taking the crown this year after finishing 13th and falling 14 points behind in the series.

Salt Lake City AMA Supercross Lites Results:
1. Eli Tomac (Honda)
2. Ken Roczen (KTM)
3. Broc Tickle (Kawasaki)

Ken Roczen  #194  took third in the Lites main after staying with frontrunners Josh Hansen and Eli Tomac. - Anaheim 2
KTM’s Ken Roczen made a great pass on Broc Tickle to take second at the checkers.

4. Cole Seely (Honda)
5. Kyle Cunningham (Yamaha)
6. Tyla Rattray (Kawasaki)
7. Ryan Morais (Suzuki)
8. Martin Davalos (Suzuki)
9. Travis Baker (Honda)
10. Ben Evans (Kawasaki)
11. Tommy Weeck (Honda)
12. Jake Canada (Kawasaki)
13. Josh Hansen (Kawasaki)
14. Topher Ingalls (Honda)
15. Bruce Rutherford (Kawasaki)

2011 AMA Supercross Lites Championship Points:
1. Broc Tickle, 165
2. Eli Tomac, 163
3. Josh Hansen, 151
4. Cole Seely, 131
5. Ryan Morais, 124
6. Tyla Rattray, 111
7. Ken Roczen, 105
8. Kyle Cunningham, 105
9. Martin Davalos, 95
10. Ben Evans, 68

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