2011 Superbike Smackdown VIII Street Conclusion

Adam Waheed | May 6, 2011

Adam Waheed – 6’0”, 175 pounds – KTM RC8R

The overall character of the RC8Rs engine is not nearly as rambunctious as the Ducati 1198.
Associate Editor Justin Dawes really enjoyed the RC8R and picked it as the bike hed buy on the street.
Digital Media Producer Ray Gauger though the KTM was one of the most comfortable bikes to ride. Though the seat could be a little softer.
Its hard to find any faults with BMWs S1000RR.
The Kawasakis control layout and overall ergonomics is far more accommodating than years past.
The BMWs multi-mode engine power map and traction control system performs well and is easy-to-use.

I’ve always liked KTM’s RC8R but up until this year it’s been out of reach due to its lofty price tag. But now that it is priced at a more reasonable level it’s something that I think I could afford. I really like the strong bottom-end engine performance and its ergonomics. It’s a very comfortable bike to ride even with its rock-hard seat. Plus it looks out of this world. The only thing I’d add to it is a pipe and a slipper clutch. After that it would be perfect.

Justin Dawes – 5’10”, 225 pounds – KTM RC8R
When it comes down to the bike I would buy with my own hard-earned dough I would slap $16,499 big ones down for the RC8R. It is not the best bike in the test, but I can’t help pining over it at the end of the day. Every time I throw a leg over it I’m instilled with confidence thanks to the low center of gravity. Cornering is comfortable and predictable, and the Austrian superbike allows me to ride near my limits longer than some of the other machines. The power is so much better than last year that it makes it perfect for street use and adequate for the track. In my opinion the CBR is the perfect superbike, but the KTM is perfect for me.
Ray Gauger – 6’5”, 180 pounds – KTM RC8R
I’d pick the KTM because it fits me the best, looks cool, and sounds bitching. I really like the powerband and how you don’t have to rev the piss out of it to get it to go. I know it’s probably not the fastest but that’s not what I’m about anyways. I had no problems getting it to go where I want and I like all the features of the dashboard. Some of the other guys complained that it didn’t have a slipper clutch but I didn’t miss it. I’d pick the KTM for sure.
Brian Steeves – 5’9”, 165 pounds – BMW S1000RR
If I was more on a budget I’d buy the CBR or Suzuki. I’ve owned both brands of bikes before and I know they are tough and would last a long time. But if I had the cash I would buy the Beemer. For the money the performance it delivers is almost too good to be true. In fact I think if the President of the United States knew what this bike was about it would be banned in a second. So hopefully he’s not reading this…
Joesph Agustin – 5’11”, 165 pounds – Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R
The thing I really like about the Kawasaki is its traction control and adjustable power maps. It makes it easier for me to ride. I don’t have a whole lot of experience riding sportbikes but when I ride the Kawi I feel like I do. It’s a really easy bike to ride. It’s engine power is just mellow enough for me but when you rev it up it really goes. I also like the way it looks and the way it fits me.
Bobbi Ali – 5’9”, 175 pounds – BMW S1000RR
I’m a die-hard Ducati guy but I can’t help but love the BMW. It’s not the prettiest but sure is the fastest. Not only that but it is fairly easy to ride But I was amazed at how well the BMW performed on all road surfaces.

Check out this photograph courtesy of Kevin Wing taken atop Palomar Mountain in California.
Superbike Smackdown VIII is in the books. Let us know which of these bikes you would put your money on.


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