AGV Diesel Mowie Helmet Review

Justin Dawes | May 17, 2011
the many colors of the Diesel Mowie helmet
The AGV Diesel Mowie helmet comes in a multitude of colors.

Every segment in the two-wheeled world has its own particular style. For cruisers it’s black leather and half helmets, and for sport bikes the trend is bright colors and race inspired cuts. But what about the form and fashion for scooter enthusiasts? Obviously the need for protection is the same as other street machines, but the scooter rider is more into convenience, functionality and a modern look than other segments. They don’t want to squeeze into a tight leather jacket with racing logos, and an blacked-out biker look would just get laughs if not a good beating if they came across the wrong group. Scootering has cultivated its own funky style that ranges from the simple to cartoonish.
When looking for a scooter helmet most riders are looking for something that is stylish while offering adequate protection. Full face lids offer the most protection but can be overkill for the urban jungle where scooters see much of their service. On the other end of the spectrum is the half helmet. While being easy to store under the seat of an automatic machine, most of these lids come in only dark colors to cater to the cruiser crowd. So some manufacturers have created helmets lines designed just for the small wheeled scene.
One of these companies is AGV. Offering four helmets designed for the scooter rider, the Italian company has partnered with the fashion brand Diesel for their top of the line lid in that segment. Called the Mowie (short for Mohawk

Diesel Mowie
The flip down visor works well in the city and side streets but lets in too much air at highway speeds.

is our guess); this helmet was designed by the Diesel Creative Team and is unique to say the least. A mix of fighter pilot and roman gladiator is probably the easiest way to describe this skid lid which comes complete with Diesel’s trademark Mohawk in leather right on the top.
The most obvious feature of the Mowie is the flip-down fighter pilot shield (Top Gun Theme Song not included.) Available in clear and tinted versions, the shield blocks 100% of UV rays, but how does it protect from bugs and road debris. At the speed that most scooter riders are expected to ride (15-40mph) the shield does a fine job of blocking the wind and airborne bits. However once the speeds reach freeway speeds that are possible on the latest crop of maxi-scoots, the cool looking eye protection begins to allow more than an acceptable amount of air to bombard the visual sensors. After an extra-long highway stint with the Mowie my eyes were dry as the desert even though I was in the humid South. So be forewarned, for city duty the shield is perfect but for the highway bring some sunglasses.
The construction and detail of the Mowie is impressive for a scooter helmet. The paint on the thermoplastic resin shell is beautifully glossy and smooth with no imperfections. On top, the genuine leather Mohawk is stitched better than a Roll Royce’s seats and is dyed to compliment the multitude of colors available. Two Diesel crests hide the mounting hardware for the shield multi-position shield. Raised aluminum letters that resemble a high end automobile badge spell out Diesel on the rear of the shell.

The back of the Mowie
The attention to detail on the Mowie is impressive. Quality touches such as the leather neckroll and Diesel emblems qive the helmet a high end look and feel.

The 3/4 design fits the head well and wraps nicely around the base of the skull. Inside the liner is AGV’s hygienically treated liner material that is fully removable for washing. The padding is cushy yet firm just like a good helmet should be. A removable leather neck roll is held on with a fancy silver zipper and is lined with the same hygienic material as the interior padding. Holding the Mowie on your melon is accomplished with a ratcheting micro-lock latch on a padded chin strap.
After a solid five hours in the Mowie I give the comfort rating two big thumbs up. There is no sign of helmet lift even at truly ridiculous speeds on a small wheel scooter. Although at that point your eyeballs would resemble raisins, but still it’s nice to know the helmet won’t do anything funky at speed. For everyday scooting the Mowie is a great choice thanks to its function, style and quality. At $242 it’s not cheap, but just like a nice watch or a tailored suit, the attention to detail makes it worth every penny.

The AGV Diesel Mowie is available in nine colors in sizes XS thru X


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