AMA 450 Motocross Freestone Results 2011

May 28, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Ryan Dungey suffered bitter disappointment in the second round after his bike broke down in the final moto.
Ryan Dungey suffered bitter disappointment in the second round after his bike broke down in the final moto.

Under a hot sun in Texas, TwoTwo Motorsports’ Chad Reed grabbed an important victory at Freestone. The Aussie was gifted the overall win after Ryan Dungey’s Rockstar Makita Suzuki broke down in the final moto, giving Reed the double victory and the current lead in the series. JGR Muscle Milk Yamaha’s Davi Millsaps claimed second overall with 4-2 moto scores followed by Monster Energy Kawasaki‘s Ryan Villopoto.
Lucas Oil TLD Honda’s Christian Craig got an early drop on the gates in the first 450 moto of the day ahead of Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer, MotoConcepts Yamaha’s Christophe Pourcel and Reed. Dungey was elbowed outside the top-10 during the start along with Kevin Windham and Villopoto, as Red Bull KTM’s Andrew Short brought up the rear in dead last. Reed put the early moves on Pourcel to take second as Craig continued to hold the lead in the first few laps of the contest. After taking fifth last week at Hangtown, Brett Metcalfe managed another decent start on his Rockstar Makita Suzuki and was inside the top-five. Despite his good start, Pourcel was forced to call it quits after a mechanical failure pushed him to the sidelines.
Weimer was putting in a strong performance inside the top-three as Dungey continued to improve from his bad start after passing his teammate, Metcalfe, for fifth. Next in line for the defending MX champ was Weimer, and just three laps into the moto Dungey was inside the top-three and keeping up with Reed. Outside the top-five Millsaps and RV both darted ahead of Metcalfe for sixth and seventh respectively, while Windham continued to struggle over Freestone’s technical circuit outside the top-10. After leading eight laps, Craig’s fun in the sun finally came to an end when Reed passed him for the lead.

Reed claimed the overall win at Freestone with a double victory.
Reed claimed the overall win at Freestone with a double victory.

Dungey quickly followed suit, and the two picked up where they left off at Hangtown. Villopoto put in the work to get around both Millsaps and Weimer to finally crack the top-five, but by then both Reed and Dungey had created a sizeable lead. Reed continued his success from Hangtown by claiming the win in Moto 1 by more than seven seconds, followed by Dungey, RV, Millsaps and Craig.

The second heat of the day began with Dungey getting a solid launch ahead of the pack. Reed, Metcalfe, Ricky Dietrich, Millsaps, Weimer, Windham and Villopoto all followed, but it wasn’t easy keeping up with the defending champ as he blazed some of the fastest laps of the day in the second moto. Following his mechanical troubles in Moto 1, Pourcel had a bad start outside the top-10 along with his MotoConcepts Yamaha teammate, Tommy Hahn. RV made passed over Windham and Weimer to advance into sixth during the first few laps, but by then he was already more than 14 seconds adrift of Dungey.

Reed stuck it out with Dungey, but the leader didn’t make it easy on the Aussie. Meanwhile, Villopoto continued his progress through the field up to fifth ahead of off-roader-turned-motocrosser Ricky Dietrich as Millsaps overtook Metcalfe for third. Dungey kicked it up a notch and Reed was unable to match his pace. Despite losing ground on the bigger battle, Villopoto made his way around Metcalfe, but a mistake saw the ’11 SX champ lose positions and drop back to fifth. Following a mediocre start, Short was up to sixth after passes on Windham and Weimer.

Dungey never looked back after his start. With lap times that were as much as four seconds faster than the field, RD5 was more than 20 seconds ahead of Reed when tragedy struck. With just two laps remaining, Dungey’s bike broke down. He eventually finished 25th, and lost what would have been the overall victory at Freestone. Instead, Reed grabbed the second moto win and claimed the overall.

“The first moto was awesome,” said Reed. “You had to be patient. I thought Dungey and I would battle, but I got good lines and pulled away. The second moto was almost the same thing. He put down good laps. I was trying to find my lines and then crashed. I put in some strong laps and was on the ragged edge, so I backed it down because I didn’t think it was worth it. Then, unfortunately, he had his problems. It’s a bummer for him. You don’t want to win like that, but sometimes you’ve got to be in the right place at the right time. We had the pace to win today, but I almost threw it away with that crash.”
450 Motocross Freestone Results: 
1. Chad Reed (Honda) 1-1

Ryan Villopoto - Freestone motocross 2011
Ryan Villopoto had 3-5 moto scores at Freestone as he continues coming to grips with the outdoors.

2. Davi Millsaps (Yamaha) 4-2
3. Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki) 3-5
4. Brett Metcalfe (Suzuki) 9-3
5. Ricky Dietrich (Yamaha) 8-4
6. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki) 6-7
7. Christian Craig (Honda) 5-8
8. Ryan Dungey (Suzuki) 2-25
9. Andrew Short (KTM) 15-6
10. Nick Wey (Yamaha) 10-11
11. Michael Byrne (Suzuki) 14-10
12. Tye Simmonds (KTM) 13-12
13. Les Smith (Yamaha) 11-14
14. Vince Friese (Yamaha) 12-16
15. Tommy Hahn (Yamaha) 7-39 

450 Motocross Championship Points:
1. Chad Reed, 97
2. Ryan Villopoto, 76
3. Davi Millsaps, 72
4. Ryan Dungey, 69
5. Brett Metcalfe, 64
6. Ricky Dietrich, 53
7. Christian Craig, 47
8. Kevin Windham, 45
9. Jake Weimer, 44
10. Tommy Hahn, 40

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