Dani Pedrosa Has Surgery on Collarbone

May 18, 2011
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Dani Pedrosa: I was looking forward to be again together with my team to plan the new season. The winter break has been long  as always  but in my case also good because I had time to rest and do a proper rehabilitation for my shoulder.
Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa decided to undergo surgery today on his broke right collarbone. Pedrosa is currently third in the MotoGP championship points race.

First his left, now his right. Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa has had a tough go of it as of late. Pedrosa barely had time to heal from surgery in April on his left collarbone before going under the knife again today, this time on his broken right collarbone. Pedrosa decided on surgery after days of deliberating the procedure with doctors. The Spanish rider, who currently sits third in the MotoGP championship point standings, underwent surgery to repair the right collarbone he broke after crashing in the last round at Le Mans.

Surgeons Dr. Joaquim Casañas and Dr. César García-Madrid inserted a titanium plate to fix the fracture in his right collarbone. Casañas and Garcia-Madrid are the same doctors who repaired his left collarbone back in April. According to the press release circulated by Repsol Honda, Pedrosa “will be discharged from the hospital and in the next week he is expected to begin passive rehabilitation.”

Whether Pedrosa will be able to compete in the next round at Catalunya on June 5 remains unknown. Circumstances surrounding the crash that broke Pedrosa’s collarbone are still a point of controversy (read our GP Insider: Simoncelli/Pedrosa Fallout for more details). The Repsol Honda rider clipped the back of Marco Simoncelli’s San Carlo Gresini Honda after Simoncelli attempted an aggressive pass, cutting in front of Pedrosa. With nowhere to go, the Spaniard ran into the back of Simoncelli’s RC212V and went tumbling, breaking his right collarbone as he rolled over a curb on the opposite side of the track.

Pedrosa’s most recent incident reportedly was a clean break which would have healed itself, but Pedrosa opted for the surgery in hopes of expediting his return to the MotoGP paddock.

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