Dual-Clutch Honda CBF Prototype Spied

May 24, 2011
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Spy shot of Honda CBF prototype courtesy of Brenda Priddy   Company
Spy photos have surfaced showing a possible entry-level Honda making use of the company’s dual-clutch technology.

Spy photos of three new Honda motorcycle prototypes have surfaced. Snapped in Europe, two of the three camouflaged Hondas look familiar, versions of the Crosstourer and New Mid Concept from the EICMA Milan Bike Show. The third prototype, however, appears to be an all-new entry-level design featuring an automatic transmission.

What can be seen in the photo below, or more importantly, what can’t be seen on the Honda, is a clutch lever or gear shifter pedal. It seems Big Red has prepped a naked standard with the dual-clutch transmission that debuted on the VFR1200F.

The folks who captured the shot, Brenda Priddy & Company, reckon the prototype is indeed an all-new entry-level CBF. A popular Euro-only line, thus far, the CBF series comprises upright standards of varying displacement sizes. BP&C sources indicate the model in question will be powered by a variant of the V-Four in the VFR1200F.

That the CBF is an entry-level mount seems apparent from its conventional fork and single-disc brake up front. Hidden behind the radiator and underneath the wrapped tank, it’s difficult to make out exactly what engine configuration powers this new Honda. Expect the new model to make its official debut at Milan.