Glen Helen USGP Race Results 2011

May 15, 2011
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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KTM rider Ken Roczen pulls the holeshot in MX2 race 1.
The USGP of Motocross at Glen Helen started out a sloppy mess, but Ken Roczen and the MX2 class made the best of it.

Professional motocross racing returned to Southern California this Sunday as the top riders in the FIM Motocross World Championship lined up for the third round of the fifteen round series. Although the track was a soggy mess, the massive field of riders gave it everything they had for the second running of the USGP at Glen Helen. Clement Desalle moved into the points lead in the MX1 class while Ken Roczen extended his lead in the MX2 class.
After an early morning rain storm drenched the Glen Helen complex, the clouds broke just before the gate dropped on the first race of the MX2 class. When the gate dropped it was the 94 of KTM’s Ken Roczen with the holeshot. Just behind was his teammate Jeffrey Herlings with Arnaud Tonus is third. The big surprise of the first lap was the KTM of Marvin Musquin hitting the mud and sending the Frenchman into the pits for fresh goggles and gloves. In the meantime Roczen gapped the field and pulled out a sizeable victory in front of Herlings. Kawasaki’s Max Anstie moved through the pack to take the third position in the first race of the day. Musquin would end up in 19th place.

Roczen was fast through the sand section and was able to keep ahead of Max Nagl.
KTM’s Ken Roczen led every lap of the 2011 Glen Heln USGP. His teamate Jeffrey Herlings held down second place.

The track conditions improved dramatically for the second MX2 race as the sun broke through the clouds. Once again the holeshot belonged to Roczen with Herlings hot on his heels for the second time. As they crossed the line for the first lap Kawasaki’s Tommy Searle moved into third place, not far behind the two KTMs. Musquin managed to keep it on two wheels and sat in seventh place. As the moto wore on Roczen began to squeak out a lead on his fellow KTM stable mate as Searle sat comfortably in third. And that is how they would cross the line after 35 minutes plus two laps. American Zach Osborne made a late race pass on Anstie to finish fourth while Musquin moved into sixth behind the Kawasaki rider.
Roczen’s 1-1 performance put him on the top step of the MX2 podium ahead of Herlings who still sits second in the points. Searle’s 6-3 moto score was enough to earn him the final spot on the podium. Musquin’s 19-6 earned him eleventh place for the day. Zach Osborne once again took home the Marty Moates Award for the top finishing American with a fifth overall just behind Anstie.

Marvin Musquins return to the FIm World Motocross did not go as well as he had hoped. A crash in the first moto forced the KTM rider into the pits for fresh goggles and gloves. The best he could salvage was a 19th place in moto one.
Marvin Musquin struggled in the quagmire on his KTM in the first moto after going down on the opening lap.

MX2 Overall
1. Ken Roczen (1-1) KTM
2. Jeffery Herlings (2-2) KTM
3. Tommy Searle (5-3) Kaw
4. Max Anstie (3-5) Kaw
5. Zach Osborne (9-4) Yam
6. Harri Kullas (4-11) Yam
7. Christophe Charlier (8-8) Yam
8. Nicolas Aubin (12-7) KTM
9. Joel Roelants (14-9) KTM
10. Jordi Tixier (13-10) KTM
11. Marvin Musquin (19-6) KTM
12. Travis Baker (10-16) Hon
13. Gautier Paulin (6-32) Yam
14, Arnaud Tonus (7-33) Yam
15. Alessandro Lupino (15-14) Hus

Clement Desalle went 1-1 to take the overall at the USGP. Although the track was a slippery mess in the first moto  the MX Panda was able to endure 35 minutes plus two laps.
Suzuki’s Clement Desalle dominated both motos of the MX1 class at the USGP at Glen Helen Raceway..


After the MX2 boys had their way with the track many of the slippery bits had been pushed aside for the first moto of the premiere class. Right out of the gate Yamaha’s Anthony Boissiere rounded Glen Helen’s Talladega Turn ahead of the pack, but it wasn’t long before Clemente Desalle made the pass and moved to the front. KTM’s Antonio Cairoli followed right behind in second as the first lap of the MX1 class was in the book. As the duo of Clemente and Cairoli pulled away from the field, Mam Nagl worked his way through the pack from a sixth place start. On lap six he made the pass on Belgium’s Kevin Strijbos for third and set after the leaders. As the laps wound down it looked like Cairoli was closing the distance on the MX Panda, but a bobble before a hill climb kept the reigning champ far enough away that he would have to settle for second. Nagl rode his own race to finish third while Strijbos finished ahead of David Philippaerts for fourth.

The start of the second MX1 race saw Cairoli go down early to remount in 22nd place while Desalle rocketed out into the lead once again. In second place was Stijbos followed by the Russian 777 of Evgeny Bobryshev and 999 of Rui

Max Nagl put his KTM on the podium at the USGP with a 3-2 moto-score  putting him second overall.
KTM’s Max Nagl took home a hard earned second place trophy at the USGP.

Goncalves. Soon after Nagl knocked off Goncalves and set his sights on Bobryshev. Two laps later he would make the move into third, all the while the MX Panda pulled out an ever increasing lead on Strijbos. On lap seven the Number 2 of Nagl got past the 22 Bike of Stijbos. The Belgian would eventually fade to fifth as Bobryshev moved into third. That set up the finishing order for MX Race 2. Toni Cairoli could only manage 11th at the checkers.
Desalle’s perfect day not only put him on the top for the day but also moved him into the points lead ahead of Nagl and Cairoli. Nagl’s 2-3 earned a second for the day, and Bobryshev got his first ever MX1 podium with a 6-3. Cairoli managed a fifth place, while former point-leader Steven Frossard’s 10-23 finish knocked him to 18th place.

MX1 Overall
1. Clement Desalle (1-1) Suz
2. Max Nagl (3-2) KTM
3. Evgeny Bobryshev (6-3) Hon
4. Kevin Strijbos (4-5) Suz
5. Tony Cairoli (2-11) KTM
6. David Philippaerts (5-9) Yam
7. Rui Goncalves (12-4) Hon
8. Jonathan Barragan (9-8) Kaw
9. Anthony Boissiere (7-12) Yam
10. Christian Craig (8-13) Hon
11. Shaun Simpson (16-6) Hon
12. Xavier Boog (14-10) Kaw
13. Steve Ramon (28-7) Suz
14. Jason Dougan (11-17) Yam
15. Davide Guarneri (13-16) Kaw