MotoUSA Photo of the Week – May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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Raised on two wheels in the deserts of Nevada, the newest addition to the MotoUSA crew has been part of the industry for well over 15 years.Equal parts writer, photographer, and rider, "JDawg" is a jack of all trades and even a master of some.

Richard47s photo of his Suzuki Goose in the English Countryside has a wonderful strip of road that leads the eye through the photo.
Richard47’s photo of his Suzuki Goose posed in the English Countyside takes the prize for Photo of the Week for May 20, 2011.

It’s Friday MotoUSA faithful, and that means another installment of the MotoUSA Photo of the Week is coming at you. Before I get into this week’s winner I just want to remind you of what is at stake and how easy it is to enter the contest. If your photo is chosen for POTW it goes into the gallery of winners. At the end of the year the MotoUSA staff will deliberate on which photo is the EVS Sports Photo of the Year. The winner will receive a $500 spending spree at the EVS online store. Second place will get $250 to spend, and third gets a Benjamin to drop at the store. To enter is simple – head over to theMotorcycle USA Forums, sign up for an account and submit your photo in the MotoUSA Photo of the Week Thread. It’s that easy. So why aren’t you doing it right now? This article will be here when you get back from posting your photographic masterpiece.
Congratulations to Richard47 for submitting the POTW for May 20, 2011. Richard’s tricked-out Suzuki Goose is poised to blast across the English Countryside near Salisbury. What I really like about this shot is the ribbon of road leading the eye towards the stand of trees in the distance. The hill on the left creates a bit of tension that pushes the viewer onto and down the road. The whole scene is exposed nicely and there is only the slightest hint of haze in the distance. Great job Richard47, you are now in the hunt for the $500 from EVS.

KFX450 Dunes shot
This photo in the Southern California sand dunes would have been flat and boring if taken when the sun was high in the sky. Waiting until the late afternoon allowed all the details in the sand to come to life.

For this week’s moto-photo tip I want you to think about light. Photography at its most basic is capturing light on a sensor or film, and at its most difficult it is managing and shaping light to get a desired result. One trick to get some great lighting is to take your photographs when the sun is low on the horizon. I’m a late riser so for me this means shooting in the afternoon as the sun begins to move west. With the sun lower in the sky the light hits the motorcycle at more of a head-on or direct angle rather than from above. This makes it possible to get the whole rider and bike exposed more evenly and creates wonderful shadows in all the right places. So the gist of this tip is to not take your beauty photos at high noon if you can help it. You will avoid a washed out, flat looking photo. So get out there and ride all day, and wait till the afternoon to let the sun work its magic at the end of the day.