Unknown Choppers’ Enclosed Motorcycles

May 27, 2011
Courtesy of Unknown Motorcycles
Unknown Choppers Frantom-E and Frantom-R concepts
Unknown Choppers is introducing a design for an enclosed motorcycle and trike it calls the Frantom-E and the Frantom-R which source V-Twin engines. Looks like something straight out of Tron, but is intriguing nonetheless.

Unknown Choppers, Inc. is proud to introduce its “Frantom-E” and “Frantom-R” enclosed motorcycle and enclosed motorcycle trike concept designs.

The Frantom-E is the two-wheel version and the Frantom-R is the trike version. Unknown Choppers’ vision for an aggressive looking and sounding enclosed motorcycle will provide a driving experience like no other!

Frantom-E and Frantom-R Concept Technology
“Our Frantom-E and Frantom-R concepts blur the line between a motorcycle and a car by offering technology not offered on a traditional motorcycle,” said Ronnie Frantom, vice president, Unknown Choppers. “Features like a full roll cage and seat belt, touch screen radio and GPS navigation, and a rear view camera and screen.”

Frantom-E and Frantom-R Concept Exterior
Unknown Choppers started by changing the configuration of the motorcycle. By placing the motor behind the rider instead of under it allows the rider to sit lower and lowers the center of gravity. The first proto-types are planned to feature a loud, high horsepower American V-Twin. There is a scoop on top of the cab that drives air over the motor for cooling.

“With how modern the design is most expect it to be quiet, but this is what an enclosed motorcycle looks and sounds like when it’s designed by a chopper shop,” said Eddie Frantom, president, Unknown Choppers.
Unknown Choppers isn’t limiting the motor selection though and has plans for other models that will utilize other motors and styling options.

Frantom-E and Frantom-R Concept Interior
The interior will feel like sitting in a dragster more than anything else, but a lot more comfortable. The steering is a cross between a steering wheel and motorcycle handle bars with the throttle on the bars. The doors open on each side suicide style, but rather than opening outward parallel to the ground, they open upward 90 degrees.

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