AMA Supersport Road America Race 1 2011

June 4, 2011
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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David Gaviria  #700  took the win in Race 1 over Travis Wyman and James Rispoli at Road America.
David Gaviria (No. 700) took the win in Race 1 over Travis Wyman and James Rispoli (No. 43) at Road America.

LTD Yamaha’s David Gaviria took the win in Saturday’s AMA Supersport race over Travis Wyman and James Rispoli. Gaviria would be basically gifted the win when pole sitter Tomas Puerta crashed out of the lead at the start of the race in Canada Corner (Turn 12).
“Being in the lead is pretty difficult because you don’t know if you’re fast or slow,” explained Gaviria after the race. “At the end of the race I was taking care of myself and watching my back. Tomorrow is going to be different with these goes so I need to be prepared.”
“I didn’t get the best start,” said Wyman. “I was fourth or fifth into Turn 1 and I got around Elena as quick as I could. Tomas went off in Turn 12 so I knew I had third place pretty good. James and David started pulling away. I ended up getting around James and tried to put my head down to catch David but I knew there wouldn’t be enough laps left. This is my first time in the box in the Supersport class and my first race this season so I’m happy.”
“First off I had a great start from second row,” said third place finisher, Rispoli. “I just tried to put those first couple laps to break up the group. I just kept inching and inching [forward]. We started making a little headway but ran out of laps. It was a good race starting with a brand new bicycle [laughs]—motorcycle. We haven’t been racing every weekend so it’s hard to come out and drop the hammer.”
After battling it out in the last few laps Vesrah Suzuki’s Corey Alexander took fourth position in front of’s Benny Solis. Suzuki Scoop’s Elena Myers had a strong showing initially running as high as fourth place in the first few laps before moving backwards. She ended the day in seventh place.

AMA Supersport Race 1 Results:

Tomas Puerta  #12  led in the opening laps but crashed out  giving the lead to Gaviria.
Tomas Puerta (No. 12) led in the opening laps but crashed out, giving the lead to Gaviria.

1. David Gaviria (Yamaha)
2. Travis Wyman (Yamaha)
3. James Rispoli (Suzuki)
4. Corey Alexander (Suzuki)
5. Benny Solis (Honda)
6. Dustin Dominguez (Triumph)
7. Elena Myers (Suzuki)
8. Travis Ohge (Yamaha)
9. Nicholas Hansen (Yamaha)
10. Ryan Kerr (Kawasaki)
11. Brad Graham (Ducati)
12. Roi Holster (Yamaha)
13. Nicholas Hayman (Ducati)
14. David Vaughn (Suzuki)
15. Stefano Mesa (Ducati)

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