Daytona SportBike Barber Race 2 2011

June 19, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Yamahas Josh Herrin  #8  got the best of Danny Eslick  #69  in the second race at Barber with a pass on the final lap.
Yamaha’s Josh Herrin (#8) got the best of Danny Eslick in the second race at Barber with a pass on the final lap.

Monster Energy Graves Yamaha’s Josh Herrin took a hard-fought victory in the second Daytona SportBike race at Barber. The 20-year-old bided his time in the final minutes before making a calculated pass on Geico Suzuki’s Danny Eslick, winning by only 0.022 seconds. GP Bike Parts Racing’s Cameron Beaubier rounded out the podium in third.
The second Daytona SportBike race began with the top riders clustered up front. Celtic Racing’s PJ Jacobsen had the lead ahead of Herrin, Yamaha Extended Service/Pat Clark Sports’ Tommy Aquino and Race 1 winner, Eslick. It didn’t take long for Eslick to move up to second, but Jacobsen was holding strong in the lead and eager to come back from his DNF in Saturday’s match. Only moments into the second lap, however, Eslick grabbed the lead ahead of Jacobsen. Herrin also found his way past the Celtic rider, who was now in third followed by M4 Suzuki’s Dane Westby, Aquino, Vesrah Suzuki’s Cory West and Latus Motors Ducati’s Jason DiSalvo. Just as Herrin and Eslick became side by side in a duel for the lead, Westby also caught up to the pair and entered the mix – making it a three-way fight. Meanwhile, Jacobsen and DiSalvo continued to drop back in the field.
In one motion West flew by three riders on Lap 6 to settle behind Aquino in fifth. Beaubier also made his way into the top-six, making it a four-way battle that was separated by less than a tenth of a second. More disappointment was on hand for Jacobsen as he crashed for the second time this

PJ Jacobsen  #9  was one of the many top riders who crashed out in the second race at Barber. He left Alabama with zero points.
PJ Jacobsen (#9) was one of the many riders who crashed out in the second race at Barber. He left Alabama with zero points.

weekend. Westby also slid out of his second-place position on Lap 12, giving it to Beaubier who instantly began to shadow Herrin in second. Riders were dropping like flies as points leader West also put himself out of contention by sliding into the dirt.
Through all the chaos Eslick maintained the lead, though only by 0.16 seconds as Aquino caught up with the lead group in fourth. Beaubier made a pass on Herrin to move into the runner-up spot, but it was temporary as Herrin came right back up the inside to reclaim the position.
With five laps left Aquino got around Beaubier for third. Afterward Beaubier nearly lost it by going off the track. Aquino continued pushing ahead by overtaking Herrin for second, but once again Herrin fought back for his position, determined not to lose sight of Eslick. With the white flag out, Eslick still had Herrin in his exhaust, though only by 0.03 seconds. Herrin then executed a pass on Eslick, taking the lead for the first time in the race. Eslick made an attempt to take it back, but it was too late as Herrin recorded his fourth win of 2011 just 0.022 seconds ahead of Eslick.

“I consider this my home race, and I was really excited,” said Herrin. “I did the Track Walk yesterday and told a couple fans I’d climb the fence, and they were pretty excited about it. So, I thought I would be nice to the fans,” said Herrin who scaled an enormous fence in celebration.

“I can say I got beat,” Eslick said. “There’s not much else to it. I led every lap down to the last corner pretty much, and he was definitely in a good position. After following me for 20 laps, he knew exactly where I was going on every lap. He definitely had options, and I didn’t know where [the attack] was going to come from, but at that point I knew it was coming pretty quick.”

Daytona SportBike Barber Race 2 Results:
1. Josh Herrin (Yamaha)
2. Danny Eslick (Suzuki)
3. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)
4. Tommy Aquino (Yamaha)
5. Taylor Knapp (Suzuki)

Herrin  left  and Eslick  right  were good sportsmen about their intense battle  shaking hands afterward and congratulating each other.
Herrin (left) and Eslick (right) were good sportsmen about their intense battle, shaking hands afterward and congratulating each other.

6. Jason Disalvo (Ducati)
7. Kris Turner (Suzuki)
8. Tyler OHara (Yamaha)
9. Barrett Long (Ducati)
10. Tyler Odom (Honda)
11. Santiago Villa (Suzuki)
12. David Sadowski (Ducati)
13. Matthew Sadowski (Ducati)
14. Wes Humphreys (Suzuki)
15. Michael Morgan (Suzuki)

2011 Daytona SportBike Championship Points:
1. Danny Eslick, 161
2. Josh Herrin, 157
3. Jason DiSalvo, 141
4. Cory West, 137
5. Tommy Aquino, 126
6. Cameron Beaubier, 113
7. Dane Westby, 96
8. PJ Jacobsen, 90
9. Taylor Knapp, 82
10. Tyler OHara, 72