Demon’s Cycles Suzuki TL1000 Custom

June 24, 2011
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Demons Cycles TL1000 custom motorcycle
Demon’s Cycle gave this custom Pro-Streeter some real giddyup by equipping it with a Suzuki TL1000 engine and throwing on some Yoshimura RS-3 pipes.

Many of you in the Pompano Beach, Florida, area are already familiar with Demon’s Cycle Inc. The company has been building custom bikes and selling aftermarket goodies going on 18 years now. Demon’s Art Rodos sent us pictures of one of their most recent projects, a custom Pro-Streeter with the powerplant and front end of a Suzuki TL1000. The TL1000 was designed to be a contender in the World Superbike championships and was intended to directly compete with Ducati’s 916. There’s not too many custom shops that source sportbike engines for their builds (our buddy Wayne Ransom is one exception to the rule that we can think of) so we thought we’d share one of Demon’s latest creations with you. We love to see what our readers are wrenching and riding on, so we appreciate your e-mail, Art.
We dig the slim tank and the way it tapers back to the rider. It reminds us of the one off a Yamaha Warrior but is a 7-inch stretched jobber made in-house by Demon’s Cycles. The front end is an inverted fork from a Suzuki TL that’s been set out at a little heavier rake angle. A 2011 Demon’s Custom Rigid frame provides a healthy stretch between the Michelin Pilot tires. The bike and seat are both slung fairly low, and despite having performance-based components, the foot controls are set forward. Its clip-on handlebars are mounted directly to the fork. Big dual discs with Tokico 4-piston calipers anchor the front. Yosh RS-3 pipes should add a few ponies to its performance. Looking at the position of the handlebars in relation to the seat and forward controls, we imagine the riding position will stretch you out like a long jumper. And it’s a rigid. Good for the drag strip. Not so good for road trippin’. It would have been cool if they could have integrated the radiator into the build better, but being a naked custom, hiding spaces are limited. Bet you this beast hauls, though.

Here’s more information and specs provided by Demon’s Cycles Inc.

Demons Cycles TL1000 custom motorcycle
Demon’s Cycle TL1000-powered Pro Streeter looks pretty wicked from the back. The dual projection headlights on the front are cool, too.
Demons Cycles TL1000 custom motorcycle

Our brand new custom pro-street motorcycle has a 1000cc Suzuki V-Twin TL engine, inverted front end, dual disc brakes all integrated in a rigid pro-street frame with a stretched gas tank and solo seat. This is truly a unique blend of custom motorcycle traditions and race performance bikes.

Suzuki came up with the TL1000 motorcycle and its 120 hp motor as an ultimate Ducati killer. The TL1000S has a 90° V-Twin liquid-cooled engine. Drive to the double overhead camshafts which actuate the four valves per cylinder is by gear and chain. The hydraulic-actuated clutch is a wet multi-plate unit with conventional springs. The transmission is a six-speed constant-mesh unit. Drive to the rear wheel is by chain and sprocket.

Fuel is supplied to the electronic injection system by a pump housed inside the fuel tank. The ignition system is fully electronic, with both fuel and ignition systems being controlled by a single engine control module or ECM. Each throttle body has a single butterfly valve and single injector.

The air filter housing incorporates an intake air control valve system that restricts air flow at low engine speeds. A servo-controlled butterfly valve in the air filter housing starts to open at a pre-set engine speed of 4000 rpm, and closes when the speed drops below 3800 rpm.

Front suspension is by an oil-damped, upside-down telescopic fork with adjustable spring preload and both rebound and compensation damping. The front brake system has twin opposed piston hydraulic calipers and the rear brake system has a single opposed piston hydraulic caliper.

2011 Suzuki TL Custom by Demon’s Cycle features:
Frame: 2011 Demon’s Custom Rigid
Front End: Suzuki TL Inverted
Engine: TL 1000 V-Twin (120 hp)
Exhaust: Yoshimura RS-3
Wheels: Suzuki Custom Black Aluminum
Gas Tank: 7″ Stretched custom Demon’s tank with fuel injection pump.
Oil Tank: Demon’s custom hand built.
Rear Fender: Demon’s custom hand built.
Front Fender: Suzuki
Lights: Demon’s Cycle projection headlights
Gauges: Demon’s special fabricated
Seat: Solo bobber style seat. Genuine leather
Forward Controls: Demon’s black slim forward controls
Brakes: Tokico 4 piston.
Tires: Michelin Pilot