Isle of Man TT Senior Results 2011

June 10, 2011
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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John McGuinness snared TT win number 17 with a victory in the Senior TT.
John McGuinness took TT win number 17 with a victory in the Senior TT, the King of the Mountain breaking the record for a six-lap turn of the Isle of Man TT circuit.

Honda TT Legends rider John McGuinness lived up to his team moniker when he took the win in the six-lap 2011 Isle of Man Senior TT finale. The King of the Mountain swept both Superbike races at the Isle this year and now has 17 career TT victories to his credit. Joining McGuinness on the Senior TT rostrum were Guy Martin and Bruce Anstey.

It was Relentless Suzuki’s Martin that set the pace early. The popular rider’s 131.038 mph Lap 1 opened up a five-second gap on Padgetts Honda’s Anstey, with McGuinness following. Martin, still winless at the TT, continued to lead when the riders came in for the first round of pit stops at the end of Lap 2.

McGuinness gained ground in the pits, however, the TT Legends squad having plenty of practice as its campaigns the World Endurance championship for 2011. Heading into the Ramsey Hairpin on Lap 3, McGuinness got the advantage on Martin and would never relinquish it. Meanwhile, Anstey had closed to two seconds back on Martin – the duo fighting for second.

The front three set a pace far ahead of the remaining pack. The fourth-fastest Keith Amor was more than 30 seconds adrift by Lap 3, the Scotsman fighting with Cameron Donald and 2011 TT winners Michael Dunlop and Gary Johnson for the top five positions.

Up front the soon to be 17-time TT winner settled into his familiar front-running position, steadily opening up a gap on Martin. Anstey would press forward, catching Martin for second as the riders ran into the pits for their second round of fuel stops. But Anstey’s pit would yield the position back, as Martin emerged once again in the runner-up spot.

The final lap saw McGuinness with a 13.2-second lead. Martin managed to cut into the deficit with a last ditch effort, but his fellow countryman motored on to the victory uncontested. Anstey brought home third, with Wilson Craig Honda’s Donald bettering McGuinness’ teammate, Amor, for fourth. Michael Dunlop took sixth, with Gary Johnson taking seventh. Mark Miller was the top finishing American to campaign the Senior TT in 23rd.

McGuinness celebrates the Senior TT victory in style  setting the outright six-lap record during the finale.mcguinness_podium_senior.jpg
The King of the Mountain with TT trophy number 17.

McGuinness, dubbed King of the Mountain courtesy of lapping the fastest ever time on the Mountain Course two seasons ago, also now holds the overall six-lap record with his 2011 Senior TT effort. Martin was also under the standing record for a six-lap race.

“I can’t remember being pushed that hard in a superbike race for a very long time,” said McGuinness in TT Legends team PR. “It took me a lap or so to get into the rhythm of the superbike again and I made the odd little mistake at the beginning there. I settled down after lap two, we had a mega pit stop and after that I was just going for it. On laps three and four I was pushing really, really hard and after another good pit stop I was able to run round on the last two laps with enough pace to stop Guy catching me. He made me work for it though! I want to thank the whole team and everyone who is behind the scenes making this happen – without them I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now. I’m so proud of winning my 17th win.”

2011 Isle of Man Senior TT Results:
1. John McGuinness (Honda)
2. Guy Martin (Suzuki)
3. Bruce Anstey (Honda)
4. Cameron Donald (Honda)
5. Keith Amor (Honda)
6. Michael Dunlop (Kawasaki)
7. Gary Johnson (Honda)
8. William Dunlop (Honda)
9. James Hillier (Kawasaki)
10. Michael Rutter (Ducati)
11. Simon Andrews (BMW)
12. Dan Kneen (Kawasaki)
13. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki)
14. Ian Mackman (Suzuki)
15. Paul Shoesmith (BMW)
23. Mark Miller (Aprilia)

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