Isle of Man TT Superbike Results 2011

June 4, 2011
Matt Davidson
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John McGuinness
Honda’s John McGuinness posted his 16th Isle of Man TT victory this year after a tense battle with Bruce Anstey. 

The first Dainese Superbike race occurred at the Isle of Man on Saturday under clear skies and optimal conditions. Honda TT Legends’ John McGuinness grabbed the 16th IOMTT victory of his career, overcoming an early challenge from Bruce Anstey to assert his name at the top of the leaderboard. Cameron Donald finished just under a minute behind McGuinness, with Links Lifting/East Coast Honda’s Gary Johnson rounding out the podium with an average speed of 126.549 mph around the mountain course.
On Lap 1 McGuinness was leading Johnson by just over a second with Anstey running steady back in third. As usual McGuinness was putting in a quick first lap, but Anstey was matching his pace and by the end of the first lap both riders were lapping over 130 mph. Also surging past the 130 mph barrier was Johnson and Relentless by TAS Suzuki’s Guy Martin, with the latter running fourth during the opening lap.
Michael Rutter and Simon Andrews both retired early from the contest as Street Sweep Kawasaki’s Michael Dunlop and Donald were running fifth and sixth, respectively.

Cameron Donald
Cameron Donald benefitted from mistakes by other riders to take runner-up in the 2011 Isle of Man Superbike TT.

On Lap 2 Anstey dropped the hammer and advanced ahead of McGuinness by Glen Helen, quickly stretching his lead to more than a second and a half ahead of the 15-time TT champion. Anstey recorded a speed in the second lap of 131.378 mph, but his lead was slightly scratched away as McGuinness also went above the 131-mph mark. A key moment came in the next pit stop where Anstey lost precious time. When the duo left, McGuinness had retaken the lead ahead of Anstey with more than a 12-second lead. Also struggling in his pit session was Donald, who lost more than two minutes.
Soon afterward Anstey had to stop at Quarry Bends, giving Martin the runner-up position while Donald moved up to fifth just ahead of Keith Amor.
More than halfway through McGuinness was in control with more than a 20-second lead ahead of Martin as Johnson was issued a 30-second penalty for breaking the pit lane speed limit. The mistake by Johnson proved costly as Donald moved up to third. On Lap 5 Martin retired at Hillberry, giving McGuinness some major breathing room.
The final lap was a breeze for McGuinness as he coasted across the line for the win with Donald taking a respectable second place. Following Johnson across the finish line was Amor who, despite his injured shoulder, finished fourth to give Honda the top-four spots. Dunlop recovered from his sluggish pit stop to round out the top-five after beating Wilcock Consulting’s Daniel Stewart on the final lap. William Dunlop posted his best finish in the Superbike race in seventh, followed by James Hillier, Adrian Archibald and Ian Mackman.

Isle of Man TT Superbike Results 2011:
1. John McGuinness (Honda) 127.870 mph

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson had a solid race in third and managed to break the 130-mph barrier in his quest for the podium.

2. Cameron Donald (Honda) 126.739 mph
3. Gary Johnson (Honda) 126.549 mph
4. Keith Amor (Honda) 125.701 mph
5. Michael Dunlop (Kawasaki) 124.584 mph
6. Daniel Stewart (Honda) 124.546 mph
7. William Dunlop (Honda) 124.511 mph
8. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 123.274 mph
9. Adrian Archibald (BMW) 122.981 mph
10. Ian Mackman (Suzuki) 121.486 mph
11. John Burrows (Suzuki) 120.961 mph
12. Steve Mercer (BMW) 120.830 mph
13. Mark Buckley (Kawasaki) 120.212 mph
14. Stefano Bonetti (Kawasaki) 120.067 mph
15. Paul Shoesmith (BMW) 119.916 mph

Sidecar TT
Klaus Klaffenbock and passenger Dan Sayle made it three in a row on Saturday after clenching the opening Sure Sidecar race by more than 10 seconds ahead of John Holden and Andy Winkle. Conrad Harrison and Mike Aylott rounded out the podium, giving Harrison his second TT podium.
Klaffenbock and Sayle took the lead on the opening lap and never let up, lapping at just under 115 mph. By the time they reached Ramsey Hairpin the duo had more than a five-second lead ahead of Holden/Winkle. The close of Lap 1 saw

Klaffenbock Sayle
Klaus Klaffenbock and Dan Sayle grabbed their third straight victory in the opening Sure Sidecar race.
Klaffenbock Sayle   Holden Winkle

Klaffenbock/Sayle ahead in both time and position as they stretched their advantage to more than 11 seconds. Behind, Reeves/Cluze had overtaken Harrison/Aylott for third.

On the second lap Klaffenbock and Holden traded positions multiple times with the lead always around the 10-second mark for Klaffenbock/Sayle. Lapping nose to tail, Holden posted a speed of 114.861 mph during his second lap as Klaffenbock recorded a speed just under at 114.798 mph. Klaffenbock ultimately crossed the line for the win followed by Holden and Harrisson. Reeves took fourth after crippling under serious pressure from Harrisson, with Tony Elmer/ Darren Marshall rounding out the top-five finishers.

Isle of Man TT Sidecar Results 2011:
1. Klaus Klaffenbock/Dan Sayle (Honda) 114.262 mph
2. John Holden/Andrew Winkle (LCR) 113.890 mph
3. Conrad Harrison/Mike Aylott (Shelbourne) 112.273 mph
4. Tim Reeves/Gregory Cluze (Honda) 111.893 mph
5. Tony Elmer/Darren Marshall (Yamaha) 111.490 mph
6. Gary Bryan/Jamie Winn (Baker) 110.701 mph
7. Ben Birchall/Tom Birchall (LCR) 109.463 mph
8. Douglas Wright/Martin Hull (Baker) 109.327 mph
9. Gregory Lambert/Aaron Galligan (Honda) 108.920 mph
10. Carl Fenwick/Mark Sayers (Shelbourne) 107.200 mph

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