Isle of Man TT Superstock Race Results 2011

June 6, 2011
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Michael Dunlop made up for his disappoint in the Supersport race with a victory in the Superstock class Monday.
Michael Dunlop made up for his disappoint in the Supersport race with a dominating victory in the Superstock class Monday.
Michael Dunlop - 2011 Isle of Man TT

Michael Dunlop shrugged off the disappointment of a DNF in today’s earlier Supersport TT race at the Isle of Man and rode to a commanding win in the evening’s four-lap Royal London 360 Superstock race. Dunlop kept pace with Guy Martin over the course of the first lap, then blew it wide open after the pit stop by laying down a blistering 129.709 mph second lap to put an ample cushion between himself and the rest of the field. Dunlop never gave second-place finisher John McGuinness the opportunity he needed to close the gap and won the race going away by 18.63 seconds.

Martin and McGuinness would rocket out to fast starts with 0.20 seconds separating the two. The other Dunlop brother, William, was also on pace early, a half second back of the leaders in third. By Lap 2 though, it was Michael who picked up the pace, nabbing the lead from McGuinness and Martin by the Grandstand. McGuinness initially was able to match Dunlop’s speed while Martin became embroiled in an on-course battle with KBMG Racing’s Keith Amor. Dunlop was the relentless one in this group, staying on the throttle while opening a 13-second gap on his competitors. Rider Gary Johnson, who sat in fourth place after Lap 1, was forced to retire on the second lap at Creg ny Baa.

While Martin was busy dicing with Amor, McGuinness meanwhile had enough speed to edge ahead of Martin’s time. The final pecking order of the first four had been established as Dunlop rode determinedly to capture his second TT victory. Brother William treated fans to some of the tightest racing of the Superstock contest, first going wheel-to-wheel with Dan Kneen and then battling it out with his Wilson Craig Honda teammate, Cameron Donald. William Dunlop would get the better of Donald at the line by a mere 0.48 seconds for fifth place. TT newcomer Simon Andrews put in the best effort among privateers and rode his BMW S1000RR to a respectable 11th-place finish.
Though he didn’t win the race, McGuinness is still the frontrunner for the 2011 TT Championship, opening up the gap between him and Amor to 10 points.

Royal London 360 Superstock Race Results 2011 –
1. Michael Dunlop (Kawasaki ) 127.129 mph
2. John McGuinness (Honda)126.578 mph
3. Guy Martin (Suzuki) 126.452 mph
4. Keith Amor (Honda) 126.211 mph
5. William Dunlop (Honda) 125.300 mph
6. Cameron Donald (Honda) 125.286 mph
7. Dan Kneen (Kawasaki ) 124.977 mph
8. Michael Rutter (Ducati) 123.916 mph
9. Adrian Archibald (BMW) 123.677 mph
10. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 123.185 mph

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