Isle of Man TT Thursday Qualifying Cancelled

June 3, 2011
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Tim Reeves - 2011 Isle of Man TT
Tim Reeves and Gregory Cluze were two of the first competitors out on the Mountain Course Thursday.

Weather around the Isle of Man was perfect for Thursday evening’s practice session. Unfortunately, the precarious nature of the race itself reared its ugly head after an oil spill at Ginger Hall caused the cancellation of the session.

Sidecars, which had been running last, took to the course first on Thursday in order to allow motorcycle road racers the opportunity to practice controlled pit speeds. The practice round started with confusion when the first two sidecars were released from the line prematurely, only to be stopped at the Ballacraine.

Not long after that, the team of Tim Reeves/Gregory Cluze and Conrad Harrison/Mike Aylott set out on a practice run. Klaus Klaffenbock and Daniel Sayle were lucky enough to get two laps in and once again topped the sidecar timesheets with a speed of 113.572 mph. Klaffenbock rocketed through the Sulby speed trap with the top speed of the session, too, pushing his Honda-powered sidecar up to 146.50 mph. John Holden and Andrew Winkle also put up good speed numbers at 112.623 mph for the second-quickest lap of the evening. Tony Elmer and teammate Darren Marshall were also pleased with their results after breaking the 110-mph mark for the first time this week.

Approximately 40 minutes after the session started, it was stopped due to oil spilled between Kirk Michael and Alpine. The race to get the track cleaned up before the sun went down was lost and the rest of the session was called, leaving one last chance for racers to practice on the course before the opening Superbike race Saturday.

Even though the road racers didn’t get a chance to lap the Isle Thursday, we thought you’d enjoy this video posted by which shows Keith Amor and John McGuinness bombing over the course.  

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