Low and Mean’s Star Stryker Lowering Spring

June 3, 2011
Courtesy of Low and Mean
Low and Mean’s lowered rear spring kit is a must have for the Star Stryker motorcycle. This lowered rear spring is a direct replacement for the stock Stryker spring. The lowered spring not only improves the look of your Star motorcycle,
Low and Means Star Stryker Lowering Spring
Low and Mean has a lowering kit for the 2011 Star Stryker which lowers the back end by a claimed 1.5 inches.

but you will find the ride is more firm and not as bouncy. Whether you’re riding alone or carrying a passenger and luggage, you’re going to enjoy the new look and ride of your Star Stryker. Your Stryker will look and feel more like a sports car.

The lowered spring will drop your Star motorcycle 1.5 inches. We suggest using a 240mm tire to complete the Star Stryker geometry. You can install a 240mm tire with no modification to the motorcycle. This larger tire will not only look fatter, but the overall diameter will be taller, which will make the rear fender fit the rear wheel better. You will also get improved handling and a softer ride.

The complete lowering kit comes with:
Lowered Spring
Spring Tool
Torx bit
Install time: 2-3 hours.
Price $200

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