Öhlins USA Congrats Teams in AMA Road Race

June 7, 2011
Courtesy of Öhlins USA
Because performance isn’t by accident, charm or good looks, Öhlins USA is taking the opportunity to congratulate its teams for managing the perseverance and technical excellence it takes to be competitive, and to get to the top of the podium. After four racing events and six-to-seven races per class in the AMA Pro Road Racing championship, racebikes with Öhlins suspension have set the pace of the AMA American SuperBike and Daytona SportBike Pro classes, winning a total of 12 of the 13 races in these classes combined, and leading each championship.

Ohlins Advanced Suspension Technology

Championships aside, Öhlins’ technical support and suspension technology is for racers earning any grid position from the front row to the last row, and for riders of any sportbike. Öhlins prides itself on its progression of technology from Grand Prix stars to privateer racers. Öhlins USA congratulates every racer in every class for taking the challenge of racing, and wants to make sure that all Öhlins racers know that our technicians – John Cornwell, Brad Stokes, Eric Knight, and Matthew Hickson – are at each event to provide technical assistance.

Six of the seven AMA American SuperBike races in 2011 have been won by bikes with Öhlins shocks and fork kits on two different brands of motorcycles. To the credit of every team using Öhlins suspension products, they know and respect a real economy; happily choosing components that lead to winning. Öhlins equipped motorcycles have also led the most laps of every AMA SuperBike race in 2011, and earned every pole position. This same technology is available for the benefit of every regional racer and sportbike enthusiast, regardless of their level of ability. In Daytona SportBike, every race this year has been won by motorcycles sporting Öhlins suspension on both ends, and on bikes of two different brands.

Öhlins also now has shocks for nearly all twin-shock Harley-Davidsons, and is the suspension of choice for the XR1200 Media Bike, campaigned by guest riders and motorcycle journalists. The media bike was transformed by Öhlins at the Big M Weekend at Miller Motorsports Park.

With these championship leaders, a first win in NHRA drag racing, multiple wins in Late Model Dirt, the standard of MotoGP and World Superbike, and the founding of Team Öhlins USA MX team, it’s been a busy month for us. We plan on being busier next month. Check us out on facebook.com.