PressurePro to Participate in WRI Program

June 16, 2011
Courtesy of Advantage PressurePro

Advantage PressurePro

Advantage PressurePro, worldwide leaders in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and advanced TPMS technologies, today announced to the public their participation in the Wireless Roadside Inspection (WRI) Program alongside the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) and Oak Ridge National Labs. As the singular TPMS provider involved in the program, PressurePro continues to work alongside the government as well as many leading technology partners to provide real time tire pressure monitoring capabilities for WRI reporting.

“PressurePro is proud to work with the DOT and FMCSA to add our world class TPMS options to the WRI Program,” stated Phillip Zaroor, President and CEO of PressurePro. “With highways carrying more traffic than ever, PressurePro not only assists in providing greater safety and savings to our Nation’s roadways, alongside the WRI Program we can also assist in streamlining vehicle reporting for enforcement and drivers alike.”

The WRI Program, designed to significantly increase the number of commercial motor vehicle safety inspections, allows enforcement personnel to wirelessly capture brake stroke, vehicle weight, tire pressure status and more. With these capabilities, the WRI Program can help improve highway safety through increased and better targeted inspections. The Program also aims to benefit drivers and fleets through reduced stops and alleviated congestion on the Nation’s roadways. The wireless reporting allows carriers to improve CSA scores by receiving credit for all positive inspections.

Along with providing tire pressure information and alerts, PressurePro has also joined with leaders in brake and weight reporting to allow brake stroke and vehicle weight reports to be captured and transmitted alongside TPMS readings. This added capability allows PressurePro to provide these added readings to the WRI reports, meaning even more efficiencies for enforcement and fleets.

“We expect the WRI Program to be a win-win situation for both the government and carriers,” stated Zaroor. “This Program provides both sides with a very complete package of technology needed to significantly increase productivity and efficiency while enabling the industry as a whole to provide added security to our roadways.”

About Advantage PressurePro, LLC.
Advantage PressurePro is the developer and marketer of the PressurePro line of Tire Pressure Monitoring solutions. The leading aftermarket TPMS system worldwide, PressurePro has been involved in the TPMS industry since 1991 and is noted as a pioneer in their market. Known for the reliability, durability, accuracy and ease of use of their solutions, PressurePro also remains the only TPMS manufacturer that provides American Made product. The only TPMS provider to offer numerous advanced monitoring options, PressurePro was the first TPMS Company to add communications capabilities across their product line, bringing to life remote monitoring options alongside of the world’s leading Telematics products. PressurePro also remains the only TPMS provider to offer fully automated drop-and-hook applications and data logging abilities. Trusted by customers worldwide, PressurePro remains committed to providing savings and safety for drivers worldwide.