SCORE Baja 500 Results 2011

June 5, 2011
Courtesy of SCORE
Round 3 of the five-race 2011 SCORE Desert Series, the World’s Foremost Desert Racing Series saw 254 starters competing in 28 Pro and 7 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs, Saturday and Sunday in Ensenada, Mexico. SCORE is in its 38th year as the world’s foremost desert racing organization. Entries came from 30 U.S. States from Hawaii to New York and the U.S. Territory of Guam along with the additional countries of Mexico, Canada, Finland, Germany, Guatemala Italy and Japan.

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With racing continuing in the elapsed-time race that had a 23-hour time limit until 10:20 a.m. Pacific Time Sunday, both the start and the finish line were located in the heart of Ensenada, Mexico on Boulevard Costero adjacent to the historic Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center. It was the fourth straight year that both the pre-race activities and the finish were all held on this historic boulevard. SCORE officials released the official results following complete data tracking review Sunday morning after the course closed.
The total number of starters (254) was tied for the 24th highest total with 1991 in the 43-year history of the popular race. The starting list included 160 cars and trucks and 94 motorcycles and ATVs. The total of 160 finishers is the 14th-most number finishers in the event’s 43-year history, for a tremendous 62.99 percent finishing rate.
Johnny Campbell Racing gave American Honda the top two overall motorcycle finishing positions as Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif. and Quinn Cody gave Honda its 16th overall motorcycle victory in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 and 15th straight title with their winning time of 8:47:07 at 51.76 mph on a JCR Honda CRF450X. After data tracking review was completed in the elapsed-time race, they beat the twin Honda CRF450X of teammates defeated teammates Colton Udall, San Clemente, Calif., and Dave Kamo, Caldwell Idaho, by exactly 10 minutes as Udall/Kamo received time penalties for violations. Their times were the fastest of all vehicles on the course.
It was the second straight overall Tecate SCORE Baja 500 race win for Norman and Cody. Norman now has five career race wins in this event in the last six years. It was the second triumph for Cody. Udall was teamed with Kamo for the first time as Johnny Campbell Racing dedicated the race to the memory of Udall’s former teammate Jeff Kargola, who died recently following a motorcycle riding accident in Baja. In Saturday’s race, the two JCR Honda vehicles actually crossed the finish line together, before Norman/Cody were declared official winners on Sunday morning. Udall and Norman were on their respective bikes at the finish.
Winning their respective motorcycle and ATV classes for the second of three SCORE Baja races here were the teams led by: Wayne Matlock, El Cajon, Calif., (Class 25, Honda TRX700XX, Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico (Class 30, Honda CRF450X), Jeff Kaplan, Thousand Oaks, Calif. (Class 40, Honda CRF450X), Trevor Insley, San Clemente, Calif. (Class 21, Honda CRF450X), Jim Dizney, Alpine, Calif. (Class 50, Honda CRF450X), Donald Lewis, Marlborough, Conn. (Class 60, Honda CRF450X) and Carl Vela, Ardsley, N.Y. (Class 26, Can-Am Outlander800).
It was the second win of the year for Udall, Dizney, Lewis and Brown.
The rugged 452.84-mile course was a very similar to the last three years, although it is about 14 miles longer and the terrain has changed because of natural weather patterns that impact both sides of the race course on the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez and in the middle in the summit section. The course, which runs in a clockwise direction, resembled a deflating balloon, winding east to Ojos Negros, down to near San Felipe, back West to the Pacific Ocean below San Vicente and back north east through Santo Tomas on the way back to Ojos Negros and then Ensenada.
Round 4 of the five-race 2011 SCORE Desert Series will be the 16th SCORE Las Vegas Terrible’s Primm 300 on Sept. 10-12 in Primm, Nev. Current SCORE official annual sponsors are: BFGoodrich Tires-official tire, Volkswagen of America-official vehicle, Sunoco Race Fuels -official fuel supplier, Bilstein-official shock, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance-official Mexican auto insurance and Slime-official tire sealant. Associate sponsors are: Tecate Beer, Coca-Cola of Mexico, Las Vegas Events, Blue C Advertising, SignPros, P.C.I. Race Radios, McKenzie’s Performance Products and Advanced Color Graphics.
While Tecate is title sponsor of the 43rd Tecate SCORE Baja 500, additional race sponsors were the Office of the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California and ProTurismo de Ensenada.

For more information, contact SCORE at its Los Angeles headquarters 818.225.8402 or visit the official website of the 2011 SCORE Desert Series at

Post Race Quotes:

KENDALL NORMAN, No. 1x (First in class and first overall motorcycle to finish) “Norman rode the first 200 miles, Quinn Cody rode until 43 miles to finish and Norman rode the final 43 miles. The thing is, it is always going to be a really aggressive race between us (and Colton Udall) because we have the same support, we’ve got the best bikes and the best pits so it’s always going to be a dogfight. I can’t complain. My ride went really well but it was really slow getting started. We had no mechanical issues on the bike and our pits were great and I have no complaints.”

COLTON UDALL, No. 0x (Second in class. Udall rode first 100 miles. David Kamo rode from race mile 100 to 211 and Udall rode from race mile 211 to the finish.) – “I got on the bike at Borrego and I was seven and a half minutes down and I just pinned it the best I could and caught Quinn (Cody) on the 1x bike and I paced him on the highway and into the dirt I pinned it and we pretty much battled and I kind of rode around him and I knew that if he had my dust that he couldn’t get by me in that section so I tried to open up a little bit of lead because I knew that when Kendall got back on I was going to be tired and he was definitely going to be pulling the time back in. Like you all saw, he pretty much came in at the same time I did. I’m pretty smoked tired. Something happened with (a rear exhaust can) and we had to change it and it just set us back a little bit. He (Kendall Norman) was pretty much pulling me since the pit when he got on. I think he was probably pinning it down the wash and I was braking because I didn’t know what was under the bridges because it is dark and I didn’t want to hit anything and do a big ol’ flip or something. He caught me there and then on the asphalt but I wasn’t worried because I knew I started behind him.”

TREVOR INSLEY, No. 104x (First in class. Insley shared riding duties with Max Eddy Jr., Matt Eddy and Bill Gilbert.) “JCR built our motor and the bike ran awesome today. This was a total team effort and after the many issues we had in San Felipe in the 250, it was nice to get down here and do well. I went down one time but I got right back up and got going. I had no mechanical issues and the bike ran flawlessly. The motor was flawless all day. We put a game plan together based on riders’ abilities.”

FRANCISCO SEPTIEN, No. 300x (Second in class. Septien shared riding duties with Scott Myers, David Fry and Jason Trubey.) Co-rider Scott Myers said: “I can’t remember the last time I was that sick (before the race). I didn’t ride or get out and do as much as I wanted. I went to the hospital and got some IVs and Francisco (Septien) hooked me up and got a good nurse over and took good care of me. I felt better and woke up on race day and was 110 percent and felt awesome so I can’t thank him enough. I felt no after effects of being sick. I had an IV on Thursday night and one on Friday night and got my fluids back and they gave me some stuff for my stomach. I thought it was food poisoning but I’m not sure. I’m just glad I got to ride. I’m not sure if I made a bad tire choice. I put on a tire that I really liked but it was gone at mile 100. David Fry had to ride all the way over the summit and got a flat tire and it put us behind and we chased all day.”

JEFF KAPLAN, No. 400x (First in class. Kaplan shared riding duties with Ron Wilson, and Brett Helm.) “We had a great day. Nothing went wrong and the bike was incredibly good. The course was fun but there was a little bit of traffic coming in. A Class 11 car and I almost came together. He was going out still and it was kind of scary. We just went on a fast trail ride today and just kind of cruised. We knew we had a big lead in our class and that’s all we wanted to win today. We weren’t trying for a big overall (win) so we didn’t push hard. We just did everything that we wanted to do.”

JIM DIZNEY, No. 505x (First in class. Dizney shared riding duties with David Potts, Charlie Marshal, Doug Smith and Raymond Spore.) Co-rider Spore said: “That was fantastic; I had a lot of fun. It was pretty challenging coming in with the locals. I used most of the locals to guide me but then there was a group of beer drinkers that pointed me (in the wrong direction) and I just had to follow the tracks.”

DONALD LEWIS, No. 600x (First in class. Lewis shared riding duties with Sam Dempsey, Bob Gates, Will Rogers, Jim O’Neal and Jim Dizney.) “There are always a lot of difficulties out there. We got knocked over by a car – one of my favorite things to do out there. I wasn’t planning on doing the run in and that was very unusual because I’ve never done it before and I spent about a third of my time going half speed. We were racing until about mile 420 and I brought it in from there. The course was surprisingly difficult. I think it was harder than last year but maybe it is just me. Our lights weren’t the best but other than that the bike was a beautiful bike.”

Baja 500 Official Motorcycle Results 2011:

Class 22 (450cc or more)
1. Kendall Norman/Quinn Cody/Johnny Campbell (Honda) 8:47:07
2. Colton Udall/David Kamo (Honda) 8:57:07
3. Ivan Ramirez/Brandon Prieto (KTM) 9:25:16
4. Francisco Arredondo/Connor Penhall (Honda) 11:05:20
5. Chad Thornton/Kyle Abney/Mike Whitman 11:33:40
6. Marco Barnaldez (Kawasaki) 13:52:17
7. Doug Swerbus/Keith Webster/Marc Marlow (Honda) 14:56:58
8. A.J. Stewart, Jamul/Bryce Stavron/Donald Stanley (Honda) 19:28:36
Class 21 (450cc or less)
1. Trevor Insley/Matt Eddy/Max Eddy Jr./Bill Gilbert (Honda) 10:35:13
2 Adam Neuwirth/Brandon Prieto/Ricky Brabec (Honda) 10:37:36
3. Brody Kunz/ Phil Cowan/Chris Parr (Kawasaki) 10:57:59
4. David Kleiman/Mike Gress/Bill Grant (Honda) 11:47:21
5. Carlos Miranda/Emmanuel Verdugo/Rigoberto Gomez (Honda) 12:23:49

Class 30 (Riders over 30 years old)
1. Mike Johnson/Steve Garnett/Brian Pinard (Honda) 9:56:05
2. Francisco Septien/Jason Trubey/Scott Myers/David Fry/Jim O’Neal (Honda) 10:13:25
3. Tim Abshire/Scott Clemens/John Burke-Zuber/Craig McCall (Honda) 12:04:41
4. Felix Figueroa/Marco Cornejo/Adrian Valdez/Avelino Montoya (Honda) 14:19:26
5. Adrian Cruz/Manuel Solazar (Honda) 15:10:05
6. Scott Arneill (Honda) 17:01:06

Class 40 (Riders over 40 years old)
1. Jeff Kaplan/Ron Wilson/Jeff Sheets/Brett Helm (Honda) 10:18:45
2. Mike Prunty/Sterlyn Rigsby/Lester Lehigh/Colie Potter (Honda) 11:40:17
3. Rob Barnum/Mike Kay/Jack McCormick (Husqvarna) 13:02:34
4.Todd Lopez/Kent Light 16:13:32

Class 50 (Riders over 50 years old)
1. Jim Dizney/Doug Smith/Dave Potts/Eric McKenna/Charlie Marshal/Raymond Spore (Honda) 11:33:05
2. Greg Haggart (Husaberg) 21:00:59
3. Ken Kosiorek (Honda) 22:26:43

Class 60 (Riders over 60 years old)
1. Donald Lewis/Sam Dempsey/Bob Gates/Jim O’Neal/Will Rogers/Jim Dizney (Honda) 16:53:25

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