See See Motorcycles Most Grand Opening

June 14, 2011
By Justin Knauer/ Icon Motosports Operations Manager
We couldn’t make it to the grand opening of See See Motorcycles because we were headed to the opposite side of the country to cover the Laconia motorcycle rally, but luckily our friend Justin Knauer, the Operations Manager at Icon Motosports, went to the party and hooked us up with photos and a rundown of the event. Many thanks, Justin. – ed

See See Motorcycles wall decorations reveal a true moto-head.
The wall decorations at See See Motorcycles lets you know you’re in the shop of a true moto-head.

Point yourself West, head a little bit north and you’ll land in a rain-soaked city called Portland, Oregon. It’s not the first place that comes to mind when you think about motorcycling but you’d be surprised by the sleepy motorcycle lifestyle that lurks within its gray industrial landscape.

There is Michael Czysz and his former USA-bred MotoGP racer turned electric green machine, the hooligans at Icon Motosports churning out sick gear and rat bikes while thumbing their nose at the rest of the industry, a handful of race shops like EDR that turns out big horsepower motors for the AMA and the world’s #1 Ducati dealership where you can walk in, grab a coffee and then pick up a 1098 or a Diavel on your way out. The other side of the coin is the grass roots shops – Holiday Customs, New Church, the Tarantulas and the subject of today’s story, See See Cycles.

Friday, June 10th was the official grand opening of Thor Drake’s shop. If that name sounds familiar then you’ve heard of the ‘One Motorcycle Show’ which drew in over 3000 motorcyclists on a soaking wet, cold February night. Thor and his bikes have been popping up all over the interweb-moto-blogosphere and have been making their way into mainstream motorcycle media. One look around his new shop and it’s easy to understand why people are taking notice. There’s a child-like enthusiasm mixed with a 70s art student vibe that makes for a unique atmosphere. Each corner of the shop makes you question what exactly is going on, yet makes you want to dig in and get your hands dirty.

You never know what type of motorcycle youre going to see when you visit See See Motorcycles. See See Motorcycles opened up its shop to the public at its Most Grand Opening. Some of the motorcycles in See Sees repertoire.
Thor Drake opened the doors to the See See Motorcycles’ shop in Portland, Oregon, this past weekend, sharing his eclectic collection of motorcycles and moto-related artwork with the general public. See See creates motorcycles with a heavy moto influence.

Like the One Motorcycle Show, See See Motorcycles Most Grand Opening pulled together the various motorcycle cliques of Portland into one gathering place. Chops, Fighters, Classics, Rats, Sportbikes, and Scooters are all welcome to come in and browse the quirky moto art that is for sale amongst the bikes lined up waiting to be sculpted into something new or taken out and ridden. Thor himself has been known to show up at vintage dirtbike races and local flattrack events on bikes from the collection, piloting them to respectable finishes.

It’s shops like See See and cities like Portland that very much prove that motorcycling is not dead. Despite economic downturns, lack of financing, and corporate moto companies that can’t seem to figure out what the riding community really wants, See See and other motorcycle enthusiasts in Portland prove you can still have a good time on two wheels – rain or shine.