Shelina Moreda to Race eCRP Bike at Laguna

June 30, 2011
Courtesy of CRP Racing

Shelina Moreda
AMA racer Shelina Moreda will be riding the eCRP 1.4 electric race bike at Laguna during round three of the FIM e Power International Championship.
eCRP to participate in the TTXGP EU.

On July 23-24, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca will host the third round of the FIM e Power International Championship race during the weekend of the MotoGP championship. The CRP Racing team will have a “special guest”, Shelina Moreda, on the eCRP 1.4 electric motorcycle.

Racing fans continue to be amazed by the electric races and eCRP’s strategy of “no boundaries” has led them to a young American girl from California with a strong passion for motors and two wheels. Shelina will join Alessandro Brannetti, the professional racer who attained the title of vice world champion with eCRP’s Italian electric racing motorbike in 2010.

The race at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca will be a real challenge and there will be no time for chivalry. All the riders aspire to compete at their best, get the victory, and be on the podium: an exciting show is assured.

Brannetti says:”When I was asked in 2010 to become the official rider of eCRP, I never thought I could compete in America with my colleagues in the MotoGP. Even if it is a different kind of race I like the idea of being at Laguna Seca with CRP Racing. It represents the only Italian team to take part in the race and this makes me very proud. I will do my best to get on the podium.”

It is true that CRP Racing will be the only Italian manufacturer to be present in America for the FIM e-Power International Championship, but CRP has found a strong support from fans in the United States. The eCRP 1.4 will be sporting a stars and stripes design on its race livery in honour of the event.

Shelina Moreda states: “I am happy to race an electric motorcycle and I’m looking forward to riding the eCRP 1.4 on track at Laguna Seca.” She continued, “Electric motorcycles are the next big thing and have been getting faster and faster in a short amount of time. It will be a different feel for a motorcycle and especially for racing, but that makes it fun.”

FIM e Power is a multi-faceted championship which encourages the enjoyment of racing, sharing the passion of the sport and the value of healthy competition.

The participation of a young woman rider in this race is a significant and historic change of course in the world of motorcycling. The population of female riders and female racing fans is growing and is already present by a significant portion within the motorcycle market.

Shelina Moreda’s story is one of passion for two wheels; a passion that was handed down by her father when they ran the family farm in Petaluma, California.

At the age of 12, Shelina loved to ride dirtbikes. “In my DNA there is adrenaline and a strong desire to race. I have always been a very active girl who liked motors, and the race at Laguna Seca is going to be a great challenge for me. It’s a dream come true, racing for the team that currently holds the lead. I could not ask for better.” Shelina is currently taking part in the AMA female championships with good results.

The organizers have created a milestone racing event with the aim to promote the sport with no boundaries other than the will to just wear a suit, get on the motorbike and be on the track full of fun and adrenalin.

CRP Racing is an Italian team led by Giampiero Testoni: “The common goal is to promote electric motorbikes and the presence of women riders on track. We are doing our best to give the right visibility to powerful electric vehicles that have their own charm and their soul, just like their internal combustion-powered cousins. ”

The presence of Shelina Moreda was supported by the FIM Women in Motorcycling. Mrs. Beaulah Schoeman, the Director of the Commission, stated that “Shelina Moreda’s participation in the 2011 FIM e-Power World Championship is clearly the start of a new era for motorcycling and for the FIM. It definitely indicates the FIM commitment to not only including women in motorcycling but also to emphasize its commitment to the development of alternative energies. This is also a concrete example of the FIM ‘s will to walk the talk of its Strategic Plan.”

All this will be exhibited on July 23-24 at the grand venue of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, where the main goal is to celebrate this new sport without borders and the future on two wheels: the riders of a new era.