Thundersprint 2011 Movie Airs on Motors TV

June 28, 2011
Courtesy of The Thundersprint

Cal Crutchlow
If you couldn’t make it to the event or want to relive  the 2011 Thundersprint; tune in to Motors TV!

As each year’s Thundersprint grows in size and stature so does the hour long TV program which tracks this unique event. This year’s Thundersprint show will be a true feature film and will be shown on Motors TV (Channel 413) on Thursday 30 June at 8pm.

The programme was produced by “BigTank Productions” who are one of Britain’s leading independent TV producers. Director Rob Hallam had a very clear vision for this year’s show.

Rob said: “We wanted to do something very different from a conventional motorsport show for the Thundersprint which is one of the biggest bike – or car for that matter – events in Europe.

“We have set out to give viewers a real feel for the range of things taking place at what is truly a one of a kind event, as well as showing the intensity of the racing on the fantastic little town centre track.”

The show features interviews with MotoGP superstars Cal Crutchlow, Danny Webb and Scott Redding and motorcycling icons Jim Redman and Sammy Miller – as well some fantastic footage of the stars on the track.

In the relaxed atmosphere of the Thundersprint the stars really open up in a way you will never see when they are in their corporate settings.

Thundersprint organiser Frank Melling is delighted with the program. Frank said: “I have just returned from seeing a preview and I can say with absolute certainty that this is the best Thundersprint program we have ever had.

“More than anything else, Rob Hallam has captured the warm, friendly, quirky nature of the Thundersprint and the openness of which we are so proud. We couldn’t have asked for better.”