AMA Pro WMX Millville Results 2011

July 16, 2011
Matt Davidson
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After crashing near the end of the first moto  Patterson was unable to get her bike started and lost points on Fiolek.
Jessica Patterson earned her third overall victory of the season at Millville following a win in Moto 2.

DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing Yamaha’s Jessica Patterson returned to her winning ways during the Spring Creek National in Millville, Minnesota. By winning the final moto ahead of Honda’s Ashely Fiolek she claimed the overall, leaving her only eight points behind Fiolek in the WMX series. Meanwhile TLD Honda’s Tarah Gieger grabbed a podium finish once again and remains 36 points behind Patterson as the championship enters its final three rounds.
Fiolek pulled another terrific holeshot to start the day for the women at Mllville. Patterson trailed Fiolek’s Honda, with Gieger, Motorsports Kawasaki’s Vicki Golden, Rockstart Suzuki/Troy Lee Designs Suzuki’s Sayaka Kaneshiro, Fox Racing Honda’s Kasie Creson, Mach 1 Motorsports Honda’s Hailey Larson, Fox Racing/Scott USA’s Marissa Markelon and Warhawk/Mana Strength KTM’s Jacqueline Strong following. Fiolek remained less than two seconds behind Patterson during the opening lap as Oakley/KTM’s Alexah Pearson was attempting to overcome a poor start outside the top-15. On Lap 2 JP$ made a mistake and dropped more than 16 seconds behind Fiolek, letting Gieger by in the process.
Shortly afterward both Markelon and Palmer got by Larson for eighth and ninth, respectively, while Patterson started to close on Gieger for second. Pearson continued to improve in the order and was up to 12th close to halfway through the first moto. Fiolek kept a steady pace up front, increasing her gap ahead of the field to more than 18 seconds. With four

Ashley Fiolek holeshot both motos in Thunder Valley but was unable to hold of Jessica Patterson.
Honda’s Ashley Fiolek had a dominant victory in the first moto but couldn’t overthrow Patterson in the second heat.

laps down Patterson advanced ahead of Gieger for second again, but by then the damage had already been done. Pearson passed Larson to move up to 10th as Patterson put distance between herself and Gieger. The top-three riders started spreading out as the white flag came out with Golden more than 53 seconds behind the top-three. On the final lap Strong passed Kaneshiro for fifth as Fiolek took the checkers more than 14 seconds ahead of her rival. Gieger recorded her sixth third-place finish of the year, with Golden and Strong rounding out the top-five finishers.
In the final moto of the day Patterson led the opening lap ahead of Fiolek, Gieger, Golden, Markelon, Kaneshiro, Creson, Palmer, Strong and Pearson. Trailing JP$ by less than two seconds, this time it was Fiolek’s turn to play catch-up with Gieger another 4.4 seconds behind in third. As Patterson continued to lead the field the top-two started pulling away from Gieger, who proved incapable of keeping pace with the frontrunners. In the first few laps Strong passed Palmer to move up to eighth with Pearson also getting by on the following lap for ninth. Halfway into the contest Kaneshiro crashed out of sixth place as Fiolek stayed with Patterson up front.
JP$ used the remaining laps to pull ahead of Fiolek, eventually taking victory by more than 21 seconds. Her third overall win of the year was achieved by Patterson’s sixth moto win of the season. Fiolek nabbed runner-up for Round 5 of the 2011 WMX series, with Gieger once again rounding out the overall podium in third. For the second round in a row Golden just missed the overall box with back-to-back fourth-place finishes, moving her up to fifth in the championship.

2011 WMX Millville Results:
1. Jessica Patterson (Yamaha) 2-1
2. Ashely Fiolek (Honda) 1-2
3. Tarah Gieger (Honda) 3-3
4. Vicki Golden (Kawasaki) 4-4

Tarah Gieger had back-to-back third-place finishes at Freestone and is currently third in the series with 72 points.
Tarah Gieger has seven podium finishes so far this season after earning third overall during Round 5.

5. Kasie Creson (Honda) 7-5
6. Jacqueline Strong (KTM) 5-7
7. Marissa Markelon (Yamaha) 8-6
8. Alexah Pearson (KTM) 10-8
9. Lindsey Palmer (Honda) 9-9
10. Jackie Ives (Yamaha) 12-10
11. Hailey Larson (Honda 11-11
12. Sade Allender (Kawasaki) 13-12
13. Jenica Paulsen (KTM) 14-13
14. Sayaka Kaneshiro (Suzuki) 6-22
15. Ashleigh Hall (Kawasaki) 17-14

2011 WMX Championship Points:
1. Ashley Fiolek, 232
2. Jessica Patterson, 224
3. Tarah Gieger, 188
4. Jacqueline Strong, 138
5. Vicki Golden, 131
6. Kasie Creson, 128
7. Marissa Markelon, 125
8. Lindsey Palmer, 107
9. Alexah Pearson, 103
10. Sayaka Kaneshiro, 98

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