American Superbike Laguna Seca Results 2011

July 24, 2011
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Tommy Hayden in action at Laguna.
Josh Hayes at Laguna Seca.
Roger Lee Hayden in American Superbike class.
(Above) Tommy Hayden won Sunday’s American Superbike race over Josh Hayes (below). (Bottom) Roger Lee narrowly missed out on a third place finish when Blake Young drafted by him at the finish line.

Rockstar Makita Suzuki rider Tommy Hayden recorded his third win of the season in Sunday’s American Superbike race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Hayden took the win after dueling with Monster Energy Yamaha’s Josh Hayes for much of the 23-lap race. Third place would go to Hayden’s Rockstar Suzuki teammate Blake Young after battling with Jordan Suzuki’s Roger Lee Hayden for the entire duration of the race.
Right off the start the race became a two-way battle for the lead between Hayes and the Tommy Hayden while Young and Roger Lee battled it out for the final podium spot.

“I was pretty optimistic about the race,” said championship leader Blake Young. “I got a little bit of a slow start. I wasn’t too discouraged by it. I was actually kind of anxious to see what happened. I was surprised at the pace of the race. I missed the set-up on the bike a little bit this weekend. I had my hands full with Roger. He rode a really great race he didn’t give it to me at all. On the last lap I thought he might be a little defensive and that’s what he did so I just buried it into the last turn.”
It was a cat and mouse game for Hayden and Hayes with both riders being faster/slower in certain segments of the track. Hayden would finally get the break he needed when Hayes made a mistake entering The Corkscrew which allowed him to make a pass.
“It went pretty well and I had a good start,” said the eldest Hayden brother. “I expected Josh to be fast. He consistently had the best speed. I just followed him around for a while. We were going fast—it definitely wasn’t easy to run with him. I was trying to find a place where I could make a move. I had a couple of ideas but I just tried to stay close. When he made that mistake I knew that was my opportunity.”
Hayes battled back though and the two traded positions momentarily on the final lap however it was Hayden who got across the line first. Young ended up drafting past Roger Lee for third place while Bostrom finished in fifth ahead of BMW riders Larry Pegram and Steve Rapp.
“It’s been a very good weekend for me,” said Hayes. “Things have gone really well. The pace was fast we were doing 24s. I was pretty excited and thought ‘man, Tommy’s really stepped his game up’. This track is pretty tough for me. There are a lot of areas where I have to hang on.” 
American Superbike Laguna Seca Race Results:
1. Tommy Hayden (Suzuki)
2. Josh Hayes (Yamaha)
3. Blake Young (Suzuki)
4. Roger Lee Hayden (Suzuki)
5. Ben Bostrom (Suzuki)
6. Larry Pegram (BMW)
7. Steve Rapp (BMW)
8. Martin Cardenas (Suzuki)
9. Chris Clark (Yamaha)
10. Geoff May (Buell)
11. Chris Peris (BMW)
12. JD Beach (Kawasaki)
13. Ricky Corey (Yamaha)
14. Chris Trounson (BMW)
15. Jordan Burgess (Suzuki)

American Superbike Championship Standings:
1. Blake Young, 311
2. Josh Hayes, 306
3. Tommy Hayden, 263
4. Martin Cardenas, 200
5. Larry Pegram, 169
6. Ben Bostrom, 168
7. Roger Hayden, 163
8. Chris Clark, 132
9. Steve Rapp, 122
10. Geoff May, 114

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