Bridgestone Imports Special Tire for Laguna

July 19, 2011
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Casey Stoner: The track has quite good grip and we have a better feeling than in the past few years in this track and we are very happy  we went out this morning and didnt change so much from Portugal as the tracks are pretty similar for us  we felt good immediately and then changed a few things and tried something we havent tested before on the Honda which seemed to give us more traction in the rear without affecting anything else. - Le Mans 2011
An extra soft asymmetrical rear tire will allow for higher grip levels initially when the track is cool

In an effort to increase handling and acceleration performance at the Red Bull USGP at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Bridgestone is importing a special asymmetrical rear slick racing tire. The tire features its extra soft rubber compound designed for use in cooler, overcast conditions that are typically experienced in the morning sessions at Laguna.
“America is a very important market for us so I am looking forward to going to Laguna, especially as the circuit has created some very thrilling and memorable races over the years,” says Hiroshi Yamada, Manager, Bridgestone Motorsports Department. “The USGP is the last of the very busy summer run that has seen six races in the past eight weeks, so whilst of course it is important to maintain momentum, everyone will be looking forward to a little break after this weekend.”
“We have changed our tire selection for this race to offer the riders a softer rear tire choice as we shift our focus very much to warm-up performance, and because being so close to the coast the conditions can be cool on a morning,” he continued. “After this race our wider tire allocation change comes into effect from the Czech Republic GP, but already Laguna is the sixth race of the season that we have brought softer tires to.”

The new softer tire will allow riders to realize higher grip levels at the beginning of the session through the right-hand Turns 3, 4 and 10.

With various layers added  including steel belts  a final outer layer is applied and what is called a green tire gets ready for the curing process.
Bridgestone is importing a new rear tire option designed for use in cooler conditions.

“Last year at Laguna we saw an improvement in tire performance when we selected our asymmetric rear slicks for the first-time in the single supply era,” comments Hirohide Hamashima, Assistant to Director, Motorsport Tire Development Division. “And I hope by choosing softer rear compounds this season we will see another step forward in performance. The conditions, especially in the mornings, can be quite cool at Laguna so our softer rears will improve warm-up performance, especially through the right-handers. There are fewer rights than lefts at the circuit, and the first two, turns three and four, are 90 degree corners which are more challenging for warm-up.”

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