Icon Accelerant Waterproof Boot Review

Justin Dawes | July 5, 2011
Icon Accelerant Boot
The Icon Accelerant Waterproof Boot is comfortable and up for anything that you may come across.

For the last few weeks I’ve been putting some serious miles on Icon’s Accelerant Waterproof Boot. Just like Icon’s other boot offerings the styling is more casual than conventional motorcycle boots. Looking like a cross between a high top sneaker and a hiking boot, the Accelerant could easily be your only pair of footwear on a long road trip, as they don’t scream, “I’m wearing safety gear!” There won’t be any funny looks when you go grab a bite at the local three-star restaurant. You can get them in any color you like as long as it’s black.

The nylon and leather upper is 100% waterproof, and I put that claim to the test on our recent ride over Tioga Pass into Yosemite National Park. We headed over the pass just days after it opened for the season, and the snowmelt across the roads was closer to a torrent than a trickle. My pant legs were soaking wet, but my feet were dry as a bone. On the flip side a few days later we blasted across the high desert and my dogs did sweat more than I would have liked, but it’s a fair trade off for the security of keeping my socks dry on a cold wet ride through the mountains.

Lacing the boots up is fairly easy, but a little snug. At the top of the boot is a buckle-equipped ankle strap that is a nice feature in the event that the crash we always dress for actually does happen. The strap ensures that your Accelerant boots won’t fly off as your limbs try to throw your safety gear free of your person. In addition to the strap the ankle had internal armor for an extra level of protection.

On the issue of comfort I give the Accelerant two-thumbs up. They are sized a bit small; I would recommend going up a half-size for an optimal fit. I spent several 14-hour days riding and hiking around the mountains in these boots and didn’t have a single complaint. I even scaled a granite face to get a better look at a waterfall, and the anti-slip rubber compound of the soles gripped the wet rocks like Velcro. In fact, I would say the Accelerant would make a fine pair of everyday shoes.

For the $125 price of admission you get a comfortable, waterproof and protective pair of boots that are just as at home on a bike as hiking down any trail you find at the side of the road.

The Icon Accelerant Waterproof boot is available at Motorcycle Superstore in sizes 6-14.


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