Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue Results 2011

July 17, 2011
Graham Jarvis
Graham Jarvis grabbed the top spot in the 2011 Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue to kick off the comeptition.

Graham Jarvis, Chris Birch and Paul Bolton nailed the finals in the short and very competitive races in pouring rain. After several days of scorching heat and a qualification for the prologue in beautiful weather, many thought that the brutal heat would be the main adversary of the riders, but… thunderstorms moved in and just before the kick-off of the prologue, the track became soaked in water. This neither impressed the riders nor the thousands of spectators who came to celebrate the sport of Extreme-Enduro.

But the worst enemy or best friend of the riders, depending on their love/hate for man-made obstacles, was Andy, our Prologue mastermind (and inventor). With 40 tons of stone, 50 cubic meters of logs, 30 cubic meters of sand and tons of used tires he built another inner-city Prologue that kept our competitors on their toes. The riders were impressed and challenged with the track, the Hobby-Class riders naturally faced a bigger challenge than the Pros but adjusted well to the changing weather conditions. With the rain setting in, the challenge certainly went up a few notches, “but this is what our riders signed up for,” stated Andy. The Kriega-obstacle with the hanging tires was a fun element, liked by many – except the ones, whose front fender got caught in one of them. The freestyle-jump over the container was a bit tricky – due to the soft sand in the landing area, but our competitors managed well!”

Graham Jarvis: “Pretty extreme weather today, but nothing we are not used to from the Red Bull Romaniacs. It was a great start for me and I hope that the weather will get a bit better the coming days for the riding fun, which is part of why I am here. But I also hope that it stays extreme one way or the other, since I prefer the race to be as extreme as possible. I appreciate the great support from Husaberg, GoldenTyre and Adventure-Spec and am looking forward to the race.”

Chris Birch: “I loved the prologue and for the race I am not thinking so much about the competition, but more about the surprises Martin Frejn has prepared for us in the mountains. And now that it has started raining, it feels very much more like at home in New Zealand and gives me an additional edge”

Paul Bolton: “I am stoked to be on the podium, which gives me a great starting position for this great race tomorrow.”

Letti: “Racing always involves a bit of luck and I was certainly lucky at the beginning, fell in the semi-finals and could therefore only participate in the 2nd-finals, where I had a great run. And the weather was perfect, I certainly prefer slippery and wet conditions and hope it will continue to rain a bit when the real thing starts.” He finished 9th.

Martin Frejn: “I am very pleased with the event today, the Live-HD-Video cast has been a huge additional burden and challenge for us organizers – but it was certainly worth it: XYZ fans followed the Prologue live and celebrated the Enduro-sport with the riders. We are extremely happy that we did not have any injuries and wish all riders loads of fun and good luck for the race starting tomorrow.”

2011 Red Bull Romaniacs Pro Class Prologue Results:
1. Graham Jarvis, England (Husaberg)
2. Paul Bolton, Great Britain (KTM)
3. Chris Birch, New Zealand (KTM)
4. Gerhard Forster, Germany (Husqvarna)
5. Xavi Galindo, Spain (Husaberg)
6. Martin Volny, Czech Republic (Beta)
7. Melcior Faja, Spain (TM)
8. Ter Jung Jens, Germany (Husqvarna)
9. Andreas Lettenbichler, Germany (Husqvarna)
10. Dominic Mantle, Russia (Husaberg)
11. Ervin-Zsolt Kovacs, Romania (Gas Gas)
12. Lars Enoeckl, Austria (KTM)
13. Darryl Curtis, Russia (KTM)
14. Sean Clarke, New Zealand (KTM)
15. Mathias Weichselmann, Germany (Yamaha)