X Games 17 Moto X Best Whip Results 2011

July 28, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Danger, adrenaline and competition are what fuel this moto enthusiast. Driven by a spirit for sportsmanship, our racing guru here at MotoUSA can be spotted at finish lines the world over as he delivers the latest battles from the two-wheeled realm.

Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Sternberg picked up the most fan votes in the X Games 17 Moto X Best Whip competition. In the five-minute run Sternberg collected 27% of votes to beat out Todd Potter and Jarryd McNeil, with McNeil performing some pretty intense inverted and backwards whips. Josh Hansen posted fourth during the competition, with Frenchman Thomas Pages joining McNeil with some unique whip styles. Nate Adams collected 7% of votes and finished sixth in the event.

Jeremy Twitch Stenberg took the win in the Best Whip at X Games 17.
Twitch won the crowd over in Moto X Best Whip.
This is a whip not a flip! Jarryd McNeil took third in the Best Whip at X Games 17. He most likely would have placed higher if it was a judged event rather than a popularity contest.
Jarryd McNeil’s whips were upside down or backwards every time.
Thomas Pages whips were on point in Best Whip  but he only got 9  of the votes.
Thomas Pages was fifth in Best Whip with moves like this.
Nate Adams received the least amount of votes in Best Whip.
Nate Adams only earned 7% of the viewer’s votes in Best Whip.

X Games 17 Moto X Best Whip Results:
1. Jeremy Sternberg (Gold) 27%
2. Todd Potter (Silver) 24%
3. Jarryd McNeil (Bronze) 22%
4. Josh Hansen 11%
5. Thomas Pages 9%
6. Nate Adams 7%