Zero Motorcycles to be Sold in Dealerships

July 12, 2011
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Zero Motorcycles announced it is transitioning from strictly internet and phone sales to brick-and-mortar stores after signing on eight major powersports dealers to carry its electric motorcycles. Five of those dealerships will be located in California and includes the popular Malcolm Smith Motorsports in Riverside. The other three stores are in Colorado, Michigan and Minnesota.

2011 Zero XU
Zero Motorcycles will soon be available in eight dealerships, giving more potential buyers the opportunity to see the bikes in person and to take them on test rides. Prior to this, you could only purchase a Zero Motorcycle over the internet or by phone.
The Zero S model is designed to tackle urban environments and features an industry leading power-to-weight ratio.

“As we continue adding new motorcycles to our product line-up, consumers are looking to experience our products in more of a traditional retail setting that allows for them to touch and feel all of our bikes in one location and at one time,” said John Lloyd, VP of Global Sales, Zero Motorcycles. “It has always been part of our strategic plan to add multi-line dealerships to the mix and the timing is now right for us to move in this direction. Dealers have been requesting we alter our sales model for the past few years so they could begin selling our products and we are now in a position to successfully do this.”

Prior to this, Zero Motorcycles steered away from dealerships, using a grass-roots method of distribution. A Zero Motorcycle was only available directly from the company’s website or by phoning an experienced factory rep via a toll-free number. It used what Zero calls ‘in-market representatives’ which provided potential buyers with demonstration rides in their local community. Zero would then ship the new motorcycle directly to the consumer’s doorstep.

Zero stated “the development of a traditional dealership program has been part of Zero’s strategic plan for more than a year as the company continues to ramp up its manufacturing capabilities.” Getting its motorcycles in dealerships holds huge promise as it will give more people the opportunity to see the bikes in person and to take a test ride. Zero intends on targeting the U.S. and Canada initially with the new dealership model. Canadian partners will be announced at a later date, but how it will address its global market is unknown. The Zero Motorcycles Locator on the company’s website shows they are currently available in Australia, Europe, Mexico and others. Once the transition is complete, Zero does not plan on selling motorcycles directly to consumers any longer unless circumstances prevent a prospective buyer from acquiring one at a dealer.

Here’s a list of the eight dealerships who have signed on to carry Zero Motorcycles:

– Malcolm Smith Motorsports (Riverside, California)
– MotoWorld of El Cajon (El Cajon, California)
– Escondido Cycle Center (Escondido, California)
– Mission Motorcycles (Daly City, California)
– NorCal MasterCraft (Sacramento/Pleasanton, California)
– Grand Prix Motorsports (Littleton, Colorado)
– C&C Sports (Brighton, Michigan)
– Hitching Post (Fridley/Hopkins/South St. Paul, Minnesota)