2011 ISDE Finland Day 1 Results

August 8, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Eero Remes - 2011 ISDE Finland
Finland’s Eero Remes was strong during the first day of the 2011 ISDE, winning six out of eight special tests.

The 86th International Six Days Enduro event officially launched Monday in the Kotka-Hamina region of Finland. At the end of the first day Finland riders lead the World Trophy division after completing the first 300km and eight special tests with a combined time of 3:34:22.06. Spain remains second after finishing the day more than five and a half minutes off the pace of Finland, with Australia posting third with a time of 3:42:11.05. The fastest rider of the day was Finland’s Eero Remes, who completed the first day with six stage victories and an overall time of 41:33.11 – nearly a full minute faster than his teammate, Juha Salminen. Meanwhile U.S.A. is fourth in the World Trophy standings after being nearly 10 minutes behind Finland.

2011 Women’s Cup Day 1 Results
1. France, 2:49:55.25
2. Finland, 3:20:01.11
3. Australia, 3:57:59.31
4. Sweden, 3:13:26.39
5. U.S.A., 4:00:00.00

2011 World Trophy Day 1 Result
1. Finland, 3:34:22.06
2. Spain, 3:40:00.13
3. Australia, 3:42:11.05
4. U.S.A., 3:44:19.30
5. Italy, 3:45:32.22
6. Portugal, 3:50:08.13
7. Sweden, 3:50:59.13
8. Netherlands, 3:52:19.34
9. Great Britain, 3:53:32.84
10. Poland, 3:59:23.30

2011 Junior Trophy Day 1 Results  
1. Sweden, 2:15:54.20
2. France, 2:17:25.72
3. Great Britain, 2:21:23.77
4. Spain, 2:26:22.40
5. Australia, 2:26:55.25
6. Chile, 2:29:20.98
7. U.S.A., 2:30:23.01
8. Czech Republic, 2:32:33.52
9. Germany, 2:36:18.35
10. Netherlands, 2:41:40.79

Day 1 Video Recap Courtesy of ISDE.TV

In the E1 class Finland and Spain have easily become favored for this year’s ISDE title. During the first lap around the 300km course Finland reigned supreme as Remes dominated all four of the special tests. Helping put Finland on top were teammates Juha Salminen and Matti Seistola, who joined Remes in taking the top-three times ahead of Spain’s Mario Roman. Lorenzo Santolino finished less than two seconds behind teammate Roman, keeping Spain within six minutes of Finland at the end of Day 1. Americans Colton Udall and Ian Blythe struggled heavily during the first day,

Eero Remes - 2011 ISDE Finland
Eero Remes is nearly a minute ahead of the field at the end of Day 1 with two of his fellow countrymen behind.

finishing 38th and 41st respectively with Udall already more than 20 minutes off the pace of the leader.

2011 E1 Day 1 Results:
1. Eero Remes, FIN (KTM) 41:33.11
2. Juha Salminen, FIN (Husqvarna) 42:25.17
3. Matti Seistola, FIN (Husqvarna) 43:10.28
4. Mario Roman, ESP (KTM) 44:02.99
5. Lorenzo Santolino, ESP (KTM) 44:04.24
6. Luis Oliveira, PRT (Yamaha) 44:21.25
7. Victor Guerrero, ESP (Yamaha) 44:58.20
8. Carl Sjoo, SWE (Honda) 45:04.47
9. Antti Hellsten, FIN (KTM) 45:05.35
10. Paulo Felicia, PRT (Yamaha) 45:28.14

In the E2 division American Kurt Caselli pulled off the best time after earning a total of six top-five finishes in the day’s special tests. With a time of 42:47.29, Caselli beat Australia’s Matthew Phillips by less than 25 seconds. Italian Alex Salvini rounded out the top-three finishers on Day 1, with Aussie Toby Price taking fourth 8.79 seconds behind. U.S.A.’s Russell Bobbit recorded seventh at the end of the course, posting the second-best time of the Americans on the first day of competition. Destry Abbott was also present in the top-15 for the U.S., the Kawasaki rider dropping more than two minutes behind Caselli in 11th. Remaining Americans Cory Buttrick, Jimmy Jarrett and Andrew DeLong finished Day 1 in 17th, 29th and 38th respectively.

2011 E2 Day 1 Results:
1. Kurt Caselli, USA (KTM) 42:47.29
2. Matthew Phillips, AUS (Yamaha) 43:11.62
3. Alex Salvini, ITA (Husqvarna) 43:16.44
4. Toby Price, AUS (KTM) 43:25.23
5. Cristobal Guerrero, ESP (KTM) 43:26.60
6. Luis Correia, PRT (Yamaha) 43:48.01
7. Russell Bobbitt, USA (KTM) 44:00.25
8. Jari Mattila, FIN (KTM) 44:08.42
9. Glenn Kearney, AUS (Husqvarna) 44:37.41
10. Michal Szuster, POL (KTM) 44:37.72

Marko Tarkalla put up the best time for Finland in the E3 class. The Husaberg rider was more than 26 seconds faster than Spain’s Ivan Cervantes, who had the second-best time for his country on the first day. Sweden’s Joakim Ljunggren was only a tenth behind with Spain’s Oriol Mena rounding out the top-four competitors. Tarkalla ended his day on a strong note by capturing a victory in the last stage of the day. American Nathan Kanney earned ninth more than three minutes behind the leader, taking five top-10 finishes through the eight special tests of Day 1.

2011 E3 Day 1 Results:
1. Marko Tarkkala, FIN (Husaberg) 43:05.08
2. Ivan Cervantes, ESP (Gas-Gas) 43:31.35
3. Joakim Ljunggren, SWE (Husaberg) 43:31.45
4. Oriol Mena, ESP (Husaberg) 44:54.95
5. Valtteri Salonen, FIN (TM) 45:23.65
6. Jonas Karlsson, SWE (KTM) 45:25.54
7. Karl Svensson, SWE (Husaberg) 45:48.57
8. Alessandro Botturi, ITA (Gas-Gas) 45:57.37
9. Nathan Kanney, USA (KTM) 46:08.50
10. Mark Wassink, NLD (KTM) 46:20.91

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