2011 ISDE Finland Day 3 Results

August 10, 2011
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Finlands Juha Salminen was quickest on Day 3.
Juha Salminen led Finland to another victory on Day 3.

International Six Days Enduro competitors have reached the halfway point in the 2011 ISDE running in the mixed and difficult terrain of Finland. After running the same course on Day 1 and Day 2, which is customary, riders were faced with fresh scenery and challenges for Day 3. The new layout was one long lap with three time checks and five special tests (originally six but Test 1 was not timed). Riders will not see this loop again but will hammer another track for the next two days.

America retains its podium position in the World Trophy standings but Finland continues to pull away from the competition on their home turf. Spain is second and also built a little more breathing room between themselves and Team USA. The Americans, many of whom are West Coast racers, are struggling with the wet, nasty conditions. The Finns, led by Juha Salminen and Eero Remes, are obviously right at home. Salminen was the fastest today as he collected a win in the second special test. Remes also claimed a Special along with E3 Finn Marko Tarkkala, clearly showing the home team’s dominance. 

Team USA’s Junior Trophy squad moved up one position to fourth overall, displacing Australia by nearly six minutes. Cory Buttrick led the Americans with a time of 28:35.47. Great Britain holds down third and is keeping Team USA off the podium by a 12-minute margin. In the lead is the quartet of Swedes who are just over a minute ahead of France. 

France continues to dominate the Women’s Cup by over an hour. The Finnish fans are rooting for their girls, but the home team has a long ways to go to catch the leaders. They should be more concerned about Australia who vaulted into third and only 8:44 behind. The ladies’ results are far more erratic than the men and minutes can evaporate very quickly. Sweden slipped to fourth but has nothing to worry about as the fifth-place Americans all dropped out in the first two days.

2011 Women’s Cup Day 3 Results
1. France, 6:25:07.60
2. Finland, 7:32:00.80
3. Australia, 7:38:44.01
4. Sweden, 8:51:12.61
5. USA, 12:00:00.00

2011 World Trophy Day 3 Results 
1. Finland, 8:54:33.22
2. Spain 9:06:40.34
3. USA, 9:21:15.57
4. Sweden, 9:27:12.64
5. Portugal, 9:32:26.04
6. Netherlands, 9:39:56.70
7. Australia, 9:46:20.59
8. Poland, 9:57:46.65
9. Germany, 10:12:34.02
10. Chile, 10:46:38.22 

*All times are cumulative

2011 Junior Trophy Day 3 Results 
1. Sweden, 5:38:53.43
2. France, 5:39:55.13
3. Great Britain, 5:49:28.83
4. USA, 6:01:30.25
5. Australia, 6:07:08.49
6. Spain, 6:09:00.75
7. Czech Republic, 6:17:49.00
8. Chile, 6:20:24.40
9. Italy, 6:26:41.76
10. Netherlands, 6:28:56.14 

Video Courtesy of ISDE.TV

Eero Remes continues to lead after Day 3.
Eero Remes is still on top of the E1 class and is the overall individual leader at the halfway point.

The E1 division is still under Remes’ iron fist as he leads all riders from every category. Salminen actually managed to top his teammate on the day by 10.71 seconds with Matti Seistola in third for an all-Finn podium. Carl Sjoo jumped his Honda from 10th to seventh overall in the class by finishing fourth. Colton Udall is the top American in the division down in 30th. Ian Blythe is 33rd though he managed 15th on Day 3.

2011 E1 Day 3 Results:
1. Eero Remes, FIN (KTM) 1:44:38.98
2. Juha Salminen, FIN (Husqvarna) 1:45:35.88
3. Matti Seistola, FIN (Husqvarna) 1:48:04.33
4. Lorenzo Santolino, ESP (KTM) 1:49:28.14
5. Mario Roman, ESP (KTM) 1:50:07.33
6. Antti Hellsten, FIN (KTM) 1:51:24.68
7. Carl Sjoo, SWE (Honda) 1:51:57.27
8. Luis Oliveira, PRT (Yamaha) 1:52:07.47
9. Paulo Felicia, PRT (Yamaha) 1:52:11.86
10. Victor Guerrero, ESP (Yamaha) 1:52:35.56

Kurt Caselli is the top American rider. He is leading the E2 division after three days.
Kurt Caselli is America’s greatest hope for a class victory. He led Team USA to third in the World Trophy standings.

Kurt Caselli had a tough day in fifth. The top American was only 33.17 seconds off the leader, Toby Price (Australia), despite crashing twice in the final test. Had it not been for those mistakes he likely would have led the class again. Fortunately, the Team USA captain has the cumulative lead in the E2 class by a nearly 33-second margin ahead of Cristobal Guerrero (Spain) and almost 37 seconds in front of Matthew Phillips (Australia). The Aussie picked up the fastest time in the fifth special test. Russell Bobbitt holds down eighth overall after finishing ninth today.

2011 E2 Day 3 Results:
1. Kurt Caselli, USA (KTM) 1:47:07.82
2. Cristobal Guerrero, ESP (KTM) 1:47:40.74
3. Matthew Phillips, AUS (Yamaha) 1:47:44.58
4. Luis Correia, PRT (Yamaha) 1:48:38.11
5. Toby Price, AUS (KTM) 1:48:55.91
6. Jari Mattila, FIN (KTM) 1:50:03.77
7. Russell Bobbitt, USA (KTM) 1:50:08.80
8. Benoit Fortunato, FRA (Yamaha) 1:51:46.16
9. Michal Szuster, POL (KTM) 1:51:53.02
10. Hans Vogels, NLD (Husaberg) 1:52:03.98

E3 rider Marko Tarkkala topped the class for Finland on his Husaberg during a rainy Day 3.
Another Finn is leading the E3 division. Like the rest of his team, Marko Tarkkala is thriving on his home turf.

A pair of Husaberg riders led the E3 class today with Marko Tarkkala and Joakim Ljunggren taking first and second, respectively. They also hold down the same positions in the overall tally. Tarkkala was on form as he claimed the final test of the day. Spaniard Ivan Cervantes put his GasGas into third and lost another 32 seconds to the leader. Nathan Kanney, one of America’s East Coast riders, put his wet-weather skill to use for a sixth-place finish and seventh overall.

2011 E3 Day 3 Results:
1. Marko Tarkkala, FIN (Husaberg) 1:46:10.26
2. Joakim Ljunggren, SWE (Husaberg) 1:47:20.38
3. Ivan Cervantes, ESP (GasGas) 1:47:34.32
4. Valtteri Salonen, FIN (TM) 1:51:34.51
5. Jonas Karlsson, SWE (KTM) 1:52:32.19
6. Karl Svensson, SWE (Husaberg) 1:53:43.68
7. Nathan Kanney, USA (KTM) 1:54:23.60
8. Mark Wassink, NLD (KTM) 1:55:28.17
9. Alessandro Botturi, ITA (GasGas) 1:55:39.58
10. Jonny Walker, GBR (KTM) 1:55:48.96

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