2011 ISDE Finland Day 5 Results

August 12, 2011
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Eero Remes is still untouchable after five days at the 2011 ISDE.
Eero Remes and the Finnish World Trophy team continue to set the precedent at the 2011 ISDE.

Day 5 at the 2011 International Six Days Enduro was a repeat of the course ran yesterday but the first and final special tests were cancelled as they were on a ski slope that was nearly impassible. The remaining four tests were hammered as riders covered two sections twice apiece. Virtually nothing changed in the team standings for World Trophy, Junior Trophy or the Women’s Cup. All of the riders were pleased to finally have a day of sunshine, however, instead of the miserable conditions that have persisted all week.

Finland is running away from the rest of the World Trophy teams with all six riders still in contention and riding confidently on their home soil. Eero Remes again led the Finns and is unchallenged for the top overall position. Ivan Cervantes paced the runner-up Spanish team ahead of Team USA with Kurt Caselli at the helm. Barring catastrophe, America will get a podium finish. Sweden is currently fourth and the Netherlands fifth. Estonia’s short run inside the top-10 ended with a slide to 14th, allowing Great Britain into 10th.

Mathias Bellino paced the French Junior Trophy team as they continue to lead by 12:20.34 over Sweden. The Britts are third with Team USA fourth. The Americans suffered the loss of Cory Buttrick who succumbed to transmission problems in his KTM. Buttrick had been the fastest Junior rider from the States all week until the mechanical forced a DNF. In his absence, Team USA was paced by Andrew Delong and Ian Blythe continues to soldier on with his sore shoulder. Italy moved in front of the Czech Republic squad for seventh.

Ludivine Puy was back on form in the Women’s Cup and leading the French squad on Day 5, but it was Finland’s Marita Nyqvist who posted the fastest time of the day. Nyqvist tallied 48:46.56 through the four special tests. Finland holds down second place and is more than 1:12:21 behind the French. Australia is clinging to the final podium spot by seven minutes ahead of Sweden.

Tomorrow is the final moto which is typically a strong point for the American squads. It’s safe to say that everyone on Team USA is looking forward to putting this one in the books with a solid result on Day 6.

2011 Women’s Cup Day 5 Results 
1. France, 8:41:10.82
2. Finland, 9:53:26.50
3. Australia, 11:47:10.61
4. Sweden, 11:59:11.60
5. USA, 16:00:00.00 

2011 World Trophy Day 5 Results 
1. Finland, 12:51:02.66
2. Spain, 13:12:00.67
3. USA, 13:32:07.78
4. Sweden, 13:42:23.43
5. Netherlands, 9:39:56.70
6. Germany, 14:39:08.24
7. Chile, 15:24:22.67
8. Portugal, 14:52:14.88
9. Poland, 9:57:46.65
10. Estonia, 16:33:39.72

*All times are cumulative

2011 Junior Trophy Day 5 Results  
1. France, 8:06:03.01
2. Sweden, 8:13:04.33
3. Great Britain, 8:21:08.71
4. USA, 8:40:43.09
5. Australia, 8:48:30.88
6. Spain, 8:52:37.60
7. Czech Republic, 9:00:36.24
8. Italy, 9:02:25.37
9. Chile, 9:07:34.24
10. Germany, 9:21:30.08 

Video Courtesy of ISDE.TV

Finland continues to get winning performances from Juha Salminen.
Juha Salminen is right on his teammate’s heels in the E1 class.

Lorenzo Santolino scored a moral victory for the Spanish by moving into third and a podium position in the E1 class. Remes continues to lead with his Finnish teammate Juha Salminen in second. Antti Hellsten jumped from sixth to fourth as Matti Seistola (Finland) dropped down to the vacated position.

2011 E1 Day 5 Results:
1. Eero Remes, FIN (KTM) 3:07:07.71
2. Juha Salminen, FIN (Husqvarna) 3:08:29.35
3. Lorenzo Santolino, ESP (KTM) 3:16:53.93
4. Antti Hellsten, FIN (KTM) 3:17:31.11
5. Mario Roman, ESP (KTM) 3:17:39.77
6. Matti Seistola, FIN (Husqvarna) 3:18:12.04
7. Luis Oliveira, PRT (Yamaha) 3:20:59.98
8. Martin Larsson, SWE (Husaberg) 3:21:46.04
9. Paulo Felicia, PRT (Yamaha) 3:22:00.69
10. Victor Guerrero, ESP (Yamaha) 3:22:10.48

Luis Correia (Portugal) won Day 5 in the E2 class ahead of Kurt Caselli (USA) and used his strong ride to step up onto the overall podium ahead of Spaniard Cristobal Guerrero. Caselli still holds the top overall spot for the division followed by Matthew Phillips (Australia). Russell Bobbit fell off the pace a little resulting in 14th for the day but he managed to hold down seventh overall.

Kurt Caselli is fourth overall individual following Day 5.
Day 5 was finally dry weather and Team USA captain Kurt Caselli enjoyed the improved riding conditions.

2011 E2 Day 5 Results:
1. Kurt Caselli, USA (KTM) 3:10:38.84
2. Matthew Phillips, AUS (Yamaha) 3:11:57.90
3. Luis Correia, PRT (Yamaha) 3:13:01.34
4. Cristobal Guerrero, ESP (KTM) 3:13:17.77
5. Toby Price, AUS (KTM) 3:14:31.98
6. Jari Mattila, FIN (KTM) 3:15:20.88
7. Russell Bobbitt, USA (KTM) 3:17:58.81
8. Benoit Fortunato, FRA (Yamaha) 3:18:32.81
9. Hans Vogels, NLD (Husaberg) 3:19:12.47
10. Mathias Bellino, FRA (Husaberg) 3:19:23.64

Jonny Walker sped up his program and finished fourth on Day 5. His forward surge allowed the Britt to jump up to fifth on his KTM and is only 19 seconds out of fourth. Marko Tarkkala won the day again on his Husaberg with Ivan Cervantes and Valtteri Salonen following. Nathan Kanney was the top American in seventh which is where he resides on the cumulative leaderboard.

2011 E3 Day 5 Results:
1. Marko Tarkkala, FIN (Husaberg) 3:09:52.88
2. Ivan Cervantes, ESP (GasGas) 3:13:02.35
3. Valtteri Salonen, FIN (TM) 3:17:54.01
4. Jonas Karlsson, SWE (KTM) 3:22:40.75
5. Jonny Walker, GBR (KTM) 3:23:01.29
6. Karl Svensson, SWE (Husaberg) 3:23:32.02
7. Nathan Kanney, USA (KTM) 3:24:00.37
8. Mark Wassink, NLD (KTM) 3:24:07.15
9. Alessandro Botturi, ITA (GasGas) 3:26:10.02
10. Amel Advokaat, NLD (Husaberg) 3:26:44.13

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